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Police track imported drug back to dealer

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Center Grove teen planned to buy nine “hits,” or doses, of a synthetic LSD from a drug dealer he had learned about from a friend.

What the teen and two of his friends ended up with was a new designer drug that an Indianapolis drug dealer had bought over the Internet and had shipped from Pakistan or India, police said. That dealer sold the drug, known as N-bomb, to two men, who brought it to the Center Grove area early Sunday morning.

They met up with Samuel Xavier Motsay, 16, at a home in the Eagle Trace subdivision and sold him nine doses of the drug for $10 each, for a total of $90. The two men each made $20 profit from the deal, according to the police report.

Motsay and two other boys each took two doses of the drug, chemically known as 25I-NBOMe. Three hits remained.

Motsay was dead by morning. Police suspect the drug is to blame and have been tracking the drug’s path into the Center Grove area.

Through text messages on Motsay’s phone, police found the Center Grove High School student had gotten the number of a Greenwood man from another teen. Motsay texted the man, 19-year-old Greenwood resident Jordan Adamowicz, at 12:15 a.m. Sunday, asking to buy nine “cids,” which is drug slang for acid. Police said Motsay thought he was buying LSD, but instead was getting N-bomb.

Police talked with Adamowicz, who said he and 24-year-old Kyle Hazzard of Indianapolis bought 20 doses of the drug from a drug dealer named Zachary Catron, 24, about 10:30 p.m. Saturday. They paid Catron $135. Adamowicz told police he considered himself a “small-time” dealer, and said he had given Motsay nine perforated pieces of blotter paper, which looks like a thick card stock material, in exchange for $90.

Adamowicz then went on to Bargersville, where he sold more of the drug to someone else behind an area business, the report said.

Investigators worked the case like most other drug cases, starting with one user or minor dealer and then working their way up through those people’s suppliers, Johnson County Prosecutor Brad Cooper said. They found the dealers Adamowicz and Hazzard before getting to their bigger supplier, Catron, he said.

The arrest has likely cut off multiple other dealers in the region who would get drugs from Catron, he said.

When they searched his southside home as part of this investigation, police found multiple types of drugs, pill-makers, blotter papers and guns and said he has been in trouble for drugs before.

Catron told police he bought the drug online and was selling it like acid, although he knew it was a different chemical.

“The amounts that were found (in Catron’s home) were substantial, and he was supplying a lot of people. And when you’re supplying a lot of people, that web spreads wide,” Cooper said.

Two teens who were with Motsay at the house in Eagle Trace subdivision called police about 8:30 a.m. Sunday after he wouldn’t wake up. The teens told police that all three had taken two doses of acid the night before. Police collected three unused doses of the drug and a test at the Indiana State Police lab determined that it was N-bomb, according to a police report.

Hazzard knew the drugs weren’t LSD, but some type of research chemical based on how it tasted and the effects it had on him when he used it, the report said.

Police raided Catron’s house in the 3100 block of South Tacoma Avenue on Tuesday and found blotter papers similar to the ones that Motsay and his friends had used. Catron also claimed the dollar-sign symbol that was on one of Motsay’s doses was one that he marked his drugs with, the report said.

Criminal history

Three men were arrested this week after police said they sold drugs that may have killed a 16-year-old Center Grove area student. Here’s a look at the criminal history of those three people:

Zachary Catron, 24

3191 S. Tacoma Ave., Indianapolis

May 13, 2014: Arrested on nine preliminary drug and weapons charges after police raided his home. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has not yet filed charges in this case.

March 2014: Arrested and charged with three counts of dealing in a narcotic drugs, one Class A felony and two Class B felonies, in Johnson County. Police said he sold heroin and a drug similar to Ecstasy to undercover officers three times in July. The case is still pending in Johnson County Superior Court 3.

October 2013: Convicted in Marion County for dealing cocaine or narcotics, a Class A felony. Catron had 3 grams of heroin and 9 grams of methamphetamine in his car during a traffic stop earlier in the year. He was sentenced to 20 years, with 18 suspended and two years to be served in Marion County Community Corrections. He was also convicted of a marijuana charge after being arrested in August.

2008: Convicted of a misdemeanor public intoxication charge. Details about the sentence and incident were not available.

Kyle Hazzard, 24

7322 Creekbrook Drive, Indianapolis

May 15, 2014: Charged with dealing a synthetic drug, a Class D felony, after police said he sold a synthetic acid known as N-bomb to a Center Grove area teen and his friends.

September 2012: Charged with possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia, both misdemeanors. Hazzard entered a pretrial diversion program in May 2013.

Jordan Adamowicz, 19

1539 Creekside Lane, Greenwood

May 15, 2014: Charged with dealing a synthetic drug, a Class D felony, after police said he sold a synthetic acid known as N-bomb to a Center Grove area teen and his friends.

July 2013: Charged will illegal consumption of alcohol, a misdemeanor. Entered pretrial diversion program in October.

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