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Police find drugs, makeshift lab

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A Greenwood man who screamed that a dinosaur was chasing him told police he would show them the aliens in his apartment, but instead officers found drugs.

Police said they found multiple types of drugs, including 1,000 hits of LSD, and a makeshift lab in the apartment of a man who alarmed neighbors by running down the street in his pajamas and yelling about a dinosaur.

A hazardous materials team also had to be called to the apartment. Police believe they recovered an anesthetic used to sedate animals, hallucinogenic mushrooms, marijuana, a hallucinogen that veteran narcotics detectives had never heard of before and substances in beakers and test tubes that police couldn’t identify.

Edward A. Kirk III, 19, 803 Kings Mill Road, Apt. 113, was arrested on two charges of possession of a controlled substance and charges of maintaining a common nuisance, reckless possession of paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct.

Kirk was taken to a local hospital after he told police he had taken 30 hits of LSD, according to a news release.

Greenwood Police Department Assistant Chief Matt Fillenwarth said that amount was dangerous and potentially could cause permanent brain damage. Kirk was treated and released.

Police responded to a call about a disturbance Thursday morning in the 800 block of Kings Mill Road in the Polo Run apartment complex.

A neighbor reported that Kirk was running down the street in his pajamas screaming that a dinosaur was chasing him.

Police asked Kirk if he was OK, and he told them he was tripping on acid, Fillenwarth said.

“(Kirk) kept saying the whole world was tripping and it’s beautiful,” he said.

Kirk also talked about aliens, telling officers no one believed that aliens were real, but there were some in his apartment, Fillenwarth said. He told the officers he could prove that aliens really existed and offered to show them the aliens in his apartment, Fillenwarth said.

When they got inside, Kirk instead asked officers if they would like to check out his stash and showed them that he had about 1,000 hits of LSD, Fillenwarth said. He told officers that he sold the LSD and described it as doing “the people’s work.”

“He had a lot of drugs that he was proud to show off to the officers,” Fillenwarth said. “There were (marijuana cigarettes) just lying on the floor.”

Officers found several lines of white powder on a table that Kirk told police was “Cat,” a street name for the veterinary anesthetic ketamine, Fillenwarth said. That drug can render people motionless and cause hallucinations, he said.

Police decided to back out of the apartment when they saw test tubes and beakers with unknown liquids in them. They feared that Kirk was operating a clandestine lab and that they could be exposed to dangerous chemicals.

The Greenwood Fire Department hazardous materials team was called as a precaution. After they declared the apartment safe, Greenwood police then carried out a search warrant, Fillenwarth said.

Police found what they believe is LSD, ketamine, the illegal hallucinogen dimethyltryptamine or DMT, psilocybin mushrooms, marijuana and unknown substances that will require lab testing to identify, including a paste found in the refrigerator, Fillenwarth said.

Kirk was released from the Johnson County jail on $40,000 bond.

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