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Not easy making fingers follow orders

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I love to do craft work. From painting pictures to creating something out of a scrap of wood, I love that feeling of satisfaction I get when the project is done.

For the most part, I have been successful. Oh, I may have thrown out a sweatshirt or two or tossed a board after creating a not-so-natural looking mountain, but overall things have gone my way.

Until now, that is.

Hanging in my cabin in a shadow box is a beautiful crocheted piece that my grandma made decades ago. It is absolutely flawless with every stitch as perfect as the one before it. As I hung that beautiful piece of art on the wall, I thought what a grand

tribute it would be for me to learn to crochet like Grandma did.

I would learn, I thought. It couldn’t be hard, I assured myself. Many people have promised me that I could, indeed, master the art of crocheting. After all, I like crafting. And what a great pastime it would be for the cabin.

I could see myself sitting before the warm fire. The dog sprawled out at my feet. The kitchen

dishes cleaned and put away. A basketball game on the TV. Yes, I thought. I will learn to do this.

I headed to the local craft store to purchase what was necessary to begin crocheting. I even looked at books to help me master the stitches I would need for my project. My friend had said she would help me learn, so I was feeling a lot of confidence. She would be there if I had questions. A good sign.

The day finally came. I had my yarn and needle and even a cute little bag to hold it all together. My friend arrived, and I began to watch her work.

“It is really very easy,” she said. “See, you are just pulling this through here and then repeating it.”

I looked. I looked again. I clumsily picked up the yarn and tried to do what she had done so easily. But somehow, it wasn’t working. My brain was telling my hands what to do, but my hands simply weren’t listening.

In the end, the art of crocheting won. I managed a few stitches, but nothing like the wondrous piece my grandma put together so long ago.

I haven’t given up yet. I still want to crochet around the fire on those cold, wintry days. But for now, I think I will stick to painting snowmen.

Carol Edwards is retired after a 30-year career teaching elementary school students at at Greenwood schools. Send column ideas to newstips@dailyjournal.net.

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