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Mid-century modern mom redefines home sweet home

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How did I not know this?

I’ve lived in our home for more than 22 years and never knew it changed its name. I’ve always referred to our modest home as a 1959 brick ranch with a walk-out basement. I imagine with that description you all can picture it in your head. But I just found out that some cool young hipsters have renamed my house. It now is called a mid-century modern.

Exceptionally cool hipsters use the term MCM.

So now instead of simply saying, “It’s the red-brick ranch,” I must refer to my humble abode as: “I liveth in thy garnet earthen-kilned MCM.”

Life sure can get complicated.

I suppose to be totally accurate, my house would only be a MC — the last “M” for “modern” probably should be subtracted because of the 1959 Amana stovetop we continue to use. But it works, so I can probably put a pretty label on it such as “shabby chic.”

It would make more sense (to me anyway) to use the term “mid-century modern” for moms (such as me) when they borrow their daughters’ trendy knee-high leather boots. Modern from the kneecaps down to the toes and mid-

century from the kneecaps up.

Renaming things to make them prettier or giving an object a more complex name has occurred since Noah referred to the Ark as an “international multi-mammal lifesaving cruise liner.” OK, maybe those weren’t Noah’s exact words — or even at all.

Try some of these on your family and friends this week. Here are some of my favorites:

Dairy-based comestibles — milk and cheese

Interlocking slide fastener — zipper

Perception management or inoperative statements— a lie

To your favorite waiter or waitress: “Everything tasted great, thanks for serving us today — would you happen to have a wood interdental stimulator.” — toothpick

“So honey, I was thinking of buying all the nephews their own personal combat emplacement evacuators for Christmas with their names on them, what do you think?”— Army shovels

Third-grade students can ask their teachers: “Mrs/Mr. [insert teacher name here], may I please borrow a portable hand-held communications inscriber ? —a pencil.

Janet Hommel Mangas, the third of seven children, grew up on the east side of Greenwood. The Center Grove area resident and her husband are the parents of three daughters.

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