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Letter: Voter accountability necessary for Obama

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To the editor:

Richard Nixon was run out of office for breaking into opposition headquarters and lying to the public. Back then, there was enough moral direction and accountability to pressure him to leave. Now look where we are today and ask yourself just one question: Had George Bush or Ronald Reagan had just one of the scandals Barack Obama has, could they have remained in office?

Obama dropped a rock-solid voter intimidation case against the Black Panthers? Had Bush dropped such a case against the Klan, what would have happened?

Could either Bush or Reagan survived getting an ambassador and three American’s killed in Benghazi?

Could they have survived Fast and Furious? Could they have explained away the IRS targeting liberals?

Could they have survived spying on the Associated Press and say, Brian Williams?

What if the Bush administration had been found to be paying white farmers billions of dollars as Obama did with black farmers via Pigford?

What if the GSA conference bash that cost us $830,000 had happened on Bush’s watch?

Can you imagine Bush passing massive abortion reform while telling us we had to pass the bill to learn what was in it?

What if Bush had attacked and insulted Atheists the way Obama did with Christians and religious freedom?

What if Bush spent millions to manufacturer cars on foreign soil like Obama did?

What if Reagan declared war on Lybia without congressional approval like Obama did?

Suppose Reagan or Bush took it upon themselves to support the laws they liked and ignore those they didn’t the way Obama has with finance, immigration, deportation, military use of power and now, Department of Justice involvement in protests involving a private citizen (George Zimmerman)?

Yes, Obama won the election, but he was elected president, not king, not dictator. The election gave him the authority to govern, not rule. When you look back at the laundry list of dictatorial things Obama has gotten a pass on that no prior president would have, one thing comes into clear understanding: the difference between Obama and his predecessors isn’t their willingness to abuse power, it’s that today we allow him to do it with near total immunity.

Obama promised change. Now, for better or for worse, we’ve got it. Until we decide to hold our leader(s) accountable to all the laws, not just the ones they like, we will get the change, but not the hope.

Mike Pflum


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