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Letter: Violent video games blur fantasy, reality

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Julie Bowling


To the editor:

I would like to see someone with knowledge and access to the public do an in-depth study and report about how violence in TV shows, in movies and in video games affects children and young adults.

The magnitude of violence produced in these venues and used by parents and children as entertainment has to make it very hard for young impressionable minds to tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

The media, some politicians and others are always quick to highlight the need for stronger gun control when a tragedy occurs. It seems to me that they are getting the cart before the horse. Why doesn’t someone take the time to look back and see what has given people the idea it is OK or even cool to pick up a gun, or other weapon, and do harm to, or take the life of another human in the first place.

Weapons have always been around, but violent, vulgar, mean-spirited TV, movies and video games have not always been a part of our lives. I have to question the morals of the people who produce and promote such venues in the name of entertainment and profit and the people who choose to watch or purchase such material.

Our children don’t have a chance to learn good behavior or to know the difference between right and wrong when they are allowed endless time in the company of harmful TV programs, movies and video games that have them participating in violent and unacceptable behavior.

If more people would take a stand to eliminate the violent and vulgar shows and video games, maybe the writers, developers and producers would get the hint and go back to writing clean, caring, wholesome shows that set a good example for viewers.

We just might see the violent crimes against humans become a rarity instead of an everyday occurrence in our hometowns and in the news across the nation.

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