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Letter: Universal health care will bankrupt country

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Jack Nibarger


To the editor:

Dr. Joseph F. Montague stated people do not get stomach ulcers from what they eat, they get ulcers from what is eating (them). One of the programs our president and our liberal Congress has issued is “universal health care” that will bankrupt America.

This is one program that will give people ulcers. There is a limit to how much you can provide a society.

Where do you think the cost to pay for universal health care comes from? It comes from the hard-working taxpayer, not the government. This means you must pay more taxes that many cannot afford to pay.

It means robbing Peter to pay Paul. It means small and larger businesses will have to put their companies at risk in order to give everyone, including inmates and illegal immigrants, a gold-plated medical care system that will not be gold-plated.

Universal health care will destroy the medical system. In every country where it has been implemented, people suffer. Consider Canada, where health care is free. Canada’s socialist, government-run system is one of the worst.

With an extreme shortage of doctors and nurses, the wait for basic treatment is horrendous. Guess where thousands of Canadians come for treatment? You guessed it: America.

All I can tell the Canadians and other socialist countries is good luck in the near future because America is presently following suit. Don’t blame anyone but yourselves that voted in our leaders. I talked with my family doctor, and he informed me that he would have to quit because of the high cost of keeping a staff with very little income if that would come into law.

Another is Great Britain. Twenty-five thousand people die unnecessarily of cancer every year in Britain. Why? Because experts have found Britain has Third-World cancer treatment care. Yet such evidence doesn’t stop Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, the president and the left from announcing plans to provide what amounts to socialized medicine in America.

If it is so great, go to Cuba for your next cardiac bypass. You will find 10th-rated doctors that have no degrees on their walls. Open your eyes, people. We are in serious trouble if the Supreme Court justices can’t see that.

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