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Letter: Taxes just another way to give money to corporations

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John Quinn


To the editor:

Why is my Social Security called an entitlement and Metronet tax breaks called good for investors?

The Franklin City Council and mayor approved a $2.75 million welfare payment to Metronet as reported in the Daily Journal article of Dec. 11. This welfare payment was caused by having Metronet pay no property taxes for 25 years and calling it tax abatement.

I also just read about the recent “property tax increase” called “new fee” levied on all the water utility users in Franklin for fire hydrant maintenance.

This so-called fee was formerly paid out of property taxes because it was part of fire protection services. Now we can clearly see the true need for the tax increase for Franklin residents.

The tax increase is necessary in order to pay for the schools, roads, police protection, fire protections, etc., that Metronet is not paying for, which is the same as giving an entitlement payment to the “investors” of Metronet.

This gives my property tax dollars away to some out-of-state company. Then we are told that this tax giveaway is for our own good, because it creates competition for services that we must pay for in order to receive them. However, we already have TV, internet and phone service available at virtually the same costs.

However, none of those services are as truly necessary as fire protection is. If those services are so valuable and needed, why does a company need my tax dollars to provide them?

I was told that if something is really needed that someone will provide it and make money off of the users of their product instead of having to gouge the taxpayers. Are we going to get a discount on their services?

I thought the taxpayers voted to cap the property tax rates at the 1, 2 and 3 percent levels of assessed values. I guess that by calling a tax increase by a different name, the city council and mayor can effectively raise my property taxes as well as circumvent the Indiana state constitution.

It is very creative of city government to use a different word to hide their true intentions of supporting businesses by raising taxes. This sounds just like Washington. How many more “fees” will be needed to avoid calling a tax increase a tax increase? Why does not city government just live within their income? Taxpayers have to do it.

Amazingly, the amount of the welfare payment to Metronet is the same amount that the taxpayers must pay for the new “fee.” Hmmm.

Now to another important point. A tax problem that only wage-earning people (not capital gains earning people, also known as investors) pay into is now being called an entitlement also known as welfare. Wage-earning people pay approximately 15 percent of their earnings into Social Security and Medicare for about 45 years.

This includes the cost of doing business by their employers as well. After having paid almost one quarter of a million dollars into those funds, the same type of public employees as the city council and mayor but at the federal level are calling my Social Security and Medicare payments welfare.

I, as well as the rest of the wage-earning taxpayers, must conclude that the main purpose of our tax system is just a way to transfer money from taxpayers to corporations.

Corporations who can just raise their prices to pay any taxes they pay, but wage earners just lower their standard of living to pay their taxes. Then we are told that this is for our own good.

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