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Letter: Socialist economy a step backward for country

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Sitting at the kitchen table, the day dawned bright and cold. Watching CNBC (Jan. 2) it became clear that the declining stock market was simply folks taking profits after a good run last year, thus offsetting taxes into the new year. There is this false sense among the youth and the liberals that the future looks good.

Looking at the bright sun reflecting off the fresh snow, I began to think of years past when in my opinion the future looked brighter. As we slide further into a socialist, centrally planned society, I regret what my grandchildren will have to endure.

The young adults of my day took control of their lives and responsibilities to become self-sufficient and build a better future and earn a bigger piece of the pie. Today’s youth, like that in most of Europe and communist countries like Cuba, spend their efforts trying to get a bigger piece of the government pie. They ask for everything from free birth control to free college to free food stamps and rent.

As Greece, Italy, France, Venezuela, and many other socialist countries have found out, it is almost impossible to prosper and grow beyond the central planners’ guidelines.

Worst of all, like Greece, there will come a time when the piper must be paid. Our country’s credit card bill eventually will need to be paid. When the score isn’t kept at some youth sporting events, because everyone needs to feel equal, it is a look into our country’s future.

When standards are changed to allow less qualified people into fire and police departments, people feel more equal but our safety and security takes a hit. How about that 120-pound fighting Marine? How does a 110-pound person rescue a 200-pound person from a burning building?

The need to “feel” equal doesn’t make people equal. Should lives be lost just so some folks can feel good about being “equal”? Though small in number, the feel-good people have developed a voice that is louder than the majority. The media has played no small role in helping those small voices roar. No one can name even one journalism professor that isn’t a feel-good liberal teaching a feel-good lesson each and every day.

Floyd Shirrell


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