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Letter: President knew all about ‘act’ before he peddled it

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To the editor:

Well, we know a few things about the health care plan.

First, it was drafted by elitists who had the gall to tell the representatives of a democratic republic to simply pass a huge bill and read it later.

Second, it was drafted by elitists who know what is best for us but, apparently, not for themselves, as they excluded themselves and other federal government folks from compulsory participation in the system. I’m still waiting to see when the Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid mess, which was also driven down the populace’s throat, will apply to them as well.

Third, the plan was peddled as less radical than it really is, with an asterisk rather than a period when the president said folks could keep their plans and doctors if they wanted.

The problem is that President Barack Obama knew, as did others who drafted and supported and voted for the plan (the minority who actually read it by then), that regulations would eliminate many of those existing plans, because the elitists believed those existing plans were not good enough and legislated them out of existence.

To date, many, many more people have received cancellation notices than those who have been able to sign up for Obamacare, despite expensive Internet site costs and public relations folks trying to drum up business.

The ratio of cancellations to those signed up is in the range of 50 to 1. My bet is that very few of the necessary folks (young, healthy) have signed up or will sign up in numbers which come within 50 percent of the necessary numbers to make the system          financially viable, even to the

true believers.

Fourth, while the administration had years to prepare, the website has had multiple problems and is already very expensive. Additionally, there are admitted serious security problems, which will not be fixed before 2015.

Another serious security breach is the fact that “navigators” who will guide folks through this process are not screened. You may have a criminal happily processing your private information, which he or she will use for their own nefarious purposes when they get home.

Yes, there are a lot of uninsured folks out there. And, there are now at least 5 million who have lost their coverage, which they had paid for themselves. To date, others’ insurance and copays paid medical and hospital and pharmaceutical bills; and charitable contributions paid for whatever medical services the uninsured received. Now, even higher premiums will pay for some of them

to be covered; many will still

be neglected.

I wonder if anyone has added up the real cost to subsidize each of the newly covered, but my guess is that the cost is enormous, and in any case much higher than if we simply had drafted legislation to cover merely the uninsured. I wonder what it will cost to re-insure the rest.

In any other set of circumstances, what the president repeatedly, consistently has said would be clearly identified as lying, to preserve his signal policy victory at the cost of great civic cynicism. He has, illegally, altered Obamacare, carefully giving exemptions to keep the program afloat, making people understand that he has redefined fairness as well as the separation of powers. A predominantly liberal and supportive press has failed to expose these and press for honesty on an executive branch and Senate with similar progressive agendas.

And those who claim to be conservative have done disservice by not pointing us back to the Constitution and the inequities of this legislation. They have not effectively worked in concert, nor have they effectively outlined alternatives. (Of course, the first is to repeatedly cite the Hippocratic Oath to the liberal childish criticism that conservatives need to present a similar monstrosity of a bill as an alternative to Obamacare.)

I am not sure why the outcry against every senator and representative has been thus far so muted. But I believe my only recourse is to simply demand that if Obamacare or, as it is officially known as the Affordable Care Act, is to be the sick law of the land, that all exemptions and selective delays be immediately withdrawn, and that federal workers also trade in their benefits plans for Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid.

Legislators who refuse to do so will find they are serving their

final term of office.

 Peter F. Jessen


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