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Letter: Parking in handicapped spaces inappropriate

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Jerry L. Trimble


To the editor:

In response to the letter Neil Hiatt wrote (“Handicap tag no license to use space anytime,” April 18) to complain about misuse of handicap stickers by parking in a handicap parking place, by someone who seemingly is not the person to whom the plate or placard was issued to.

I, like him, have had three low back surgeries with rods and neck surgery where the back of six of the seven vertebrae that we have in the neck were opened to take pressure off the spinal cord from 1989 through 2002. I have severe pain and can only walk with use of a cane.

I have had a handicap placard or plate since the operation in 1995. During this time, I have seen many people doing this over the years. Apparently they are indifferent and calloused enough to not care that truly handicapped people really need these parking spaces.

Stores like Walmart have a sign in front of a handicap space saying that a fine would be given to anyone who parks there illegally — meaning without a handicap placard. The only problem is if there is a placard or plate there is no way of telling if they are handicapped or not. I have only seen one person park that way, and he was parked in the expectant mothers or with small infants space.

He was around 270 pounds with a big stomach, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t pregnant. He had no indication that he was handicapped in any way personally or on his car.

I talked to the police several years ago to only get the song-and-dance story not enforcing the law. I was furious at them, but in cooling down I realized they couldn’t be everywhere there is a handicap space. However, if they should see this they should at least investigate it.

The only way I can think of that we handicapped can do anything about this is report it to the police, or better yet use your smartphone to catch a suspect person on video.

Also get the plate number and the auto as well as the handicap plate or placard. Send this information to the police chief for proof of what you are saying. They should levy heavy fines for anyone doing this.

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