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Letter: ‘Outside world’ doesn’t elect president, we do

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Ed Woods


To the editor:

This is a reply to Ahmed Mubarak’s view printed Oct. 22.

Ahmed, without a doubt you are a true fan of our president. You made enough comments in your first paragraph to write a book.

In your first sentence, I got confused when you asked what the “outside world” expects of a president of the United States of America. Ahmed, who cares what the “outsiders” think? As far as I know, unless the chief executive did another end run with another executive order, only U.S. citizens have the right to vote for our president.

But to answer your question, the outsiders, especially those in the sandbox area, seem to think he is just wonderful, bowing to rulers of the countries he has visited, followed with billions of funds his administration leaves behind.

You seem to be aware that he doesn’t want to financially hurt any of the outsiders; we’re still having oil shipped to the U.S. and at the same time having capped our local production.

Thinking about our president, you like that he does what he says and says what he does. Ahmed, what the heck is wagging what here? It seems like you got that dog running in a circle.

In your third paragraph you wonder if the president knows enough — about what? Let’s see if you can get his grades unsealed so we who can vote could determine what, if anything, he knows.

You feel that a con artist can be president if he has a solid staff to work with? These Chicago thugs and university brains so far have a miserable batting average (batting as in baseball, it’s an American thing).

The litany of failures, from banks, to real estate, to car production (GM is moving to China), to solar and panel never ends. So much for the staff.

In your fourth paragraph, you refer to satellite countries — you mean Israel or England or maybe Germany? You tied this to the president’s opponent, feeling that they can win the election for him.

With the shape that our defense is in under our current administration, you need all the help and support you can earn. Ahmed, you keep right on dreaming. Right now this country is one of the weakest financially, behind Greece and Spain. Look at our credit rating. If the current administration wins another term, this land of the free will very suddenly become the resort of the Chinese.

Ahmed, smell the coffee.

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