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Letter: Obama naysayers must learn to compromise

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Donald Thompson


To the editor:

As one who voted for and mostly supports our president, I wonder at the contempt some of your letters display toward him and, indirectly, to me and others who wish him well. I seldom hear Rush Limbaugh or watch Fox “News”, but one does not have to do much of either to hear the same diatribe.

Writers of such claptrap might be well advised to remember the problems Mr. Obama inherited from the inept George W. Bush presidency. Knowing how deeply hurtful the Sept. 11 attacks have been, and out of respect for the presidency, no one has blamed the man in charge, but if Obama had been president you know precisely where the right wing would be pointing.

And when the intrusive war on terrorism and the ill-advised war in Iraq were forced down our throats, what sacrifices were eager Americans asked to make? “Go shopping,” Bush said. No tax to support these efforts. Just send the children of the poor and middle class but not a penny from wealthy Americans.

And they insist that our economic problems are Obama’s fault. What hypocrisy.

As smart as they want us to think they are, they choose to have selective memory loss as to the economic disaster Bush handed eagerly over to Obama. While George Bush ducked into oblivion, President Obama fought Bush’s minions in Congress to get policies in place to save all of us from the greed and avarice of rich financiers and selfish bankers. Now the right blames Obama because the recovery hasn’t been quick enough.

As determined as Republicans have been to cripple the country rather than allow Mr. Obama any success on reforms and modernizations, most voters saw through that and re-elected him by a sizable margin. A mandate? Maybe not. At least it is an affirmation of trust that his direction is more palatable than what the other side is offering. The Republican leadership has made the calculation that if the country succeeds the president will get, at least, some credit and they despise that notion so much that they are willing to jeopardize our welfare for their political gain.

President Obama has tried to take into account parts of the Republican ideal, but the “all or nothing” stance makes compromise impossible.

Considering the malaise it is fostering in the government as well as their own party, the Republicans would be well-advised to reconsider their grim views and accept that more and more Americans who do not bluster and gripe on talk radio and Fox are weary of their nastiness.

Get over the bitterness and get behind solutions to major reforms of problems we should not pass on to our progeny. Let’s clean up our corrupt election process. Let’s get sensible about immigration policy — and humane. Let’s catch up with and exceed the rest of the world in how we deal with health care. Universal public education has been the backbone of America’s progress and supremacy. Help make it better and not discourage teachers from doing the best for all our kids and adults who need them.

Finally, let’s not ignore the best efforts of true scientists with reference to energy policy and pollution. All and more can be accomplished through compromise and cooperation.

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