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Letter: No conflict between science, religion

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Donald A. Smith


To the editor:

I am sorry to see the conflict between religion and science creeping back into public policy, especially since to me it makes no sense religiously.

The creation stories in the Bible are early human’s attempt to explain the wonderful world they found all around themselves. God gave them the gifts not only of life but also of perception and reasoning.

Throughout the centuries, those gifts have enabled modern humans to expand and refine the stories of the world around us in ever-increasing detail and added wonderment.

Those stories are never fixed truths any more than the stories of God’s work among humans are limited to only those in the pages of the Bible.

Religionists seem to want to put both God and the natural world in a box, fixed in time and scope of knowledge. But both God’s work in this world and the scientific stories of how it works have no limits in time or space.

They continually evolve and are a tribute to the gifts and graces God has granted us to understand more and more the wonders of the universe. I see no conflict between science and religion, but science as a spectacular gift from the source of our religion.

What I do not understand is why religionists cannot see the log in their own eye regarding science and their insistence on not wanting to be confused by the facts of the natural world that God has enabled us to see with ever-changing refinement.

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