Letter: Money creates perpetual campaigns, polarization

Donald A. Smith


To the editor:

It appears I am no longer alone in my concern that money has highjacked the government and our elected officials cannot stop its influence without defeating themselves. The influence of massive funds has created the era of perpetual campaigning and polarization with no time or inclination left to get down to the business of dealing with the country’s problems.

Compromise has become a dirty word, used against everyone during the perpetual campaigning. Yet compromise is the heart of democracy and “the hardest way to govern, except all the others.”

Gridlocked Congress doesn’t mean less government, it means no government. At least one constitutional scholar has observed that the only way we can dig out of this mess may be a Constitutional Convention since the legislative process cannot handle much simpler problems.

As Lawrence Lessing states, “the corrupting influence of money is the first problem facing this nation. That unless we solve this problem, we won’t solve anything else.”

We need to heed Ben Franklin’s warning as to what was wrought by the original Constitutional Convention, “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

Let us pray that the overwhelming influence of money does not suppress the free press of this nation who could keep reminding us of what we are losing.


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