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Letter: Middle class, poor still being treated unfairly

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I was reading the paper, and Floyd Shirrel’s letter to the editor (Jan.13) seriously disturbed me. I had some points I’d like to address.

Young people have a hard time today being self-sufficient because most jobs are a dead end and you’re making just enough money to pay the rent, never mind food — and good luck getting our employers to offer any kind of benefits (including health insurance).

We also have a hard time going to school because most of our parents are middle class and can’t continue to support us past 18.

Then, when you try to apply for a student loan or grants, you find out that they make too much money, even though they’re struggling and have two other kids to raise. The whole point of getting government aid (student grants) is to invest in a person so they have an opportunity to make more money and ideally pay more taxes.

As the past 60 years has shown us, however, the more money you make, the less taxes you pay. That’s something I’d like to see change.

Now, to address your main point of socialism: I rather enjoy the idea of everyone pitching in to pay for roads, including the maintenance. I like the fact that in this country everyone is guaranteed a decent education.

The library is a pretty sweet place, too. Have you walked through the park lately? Beautiful. Traffic signs and signals have a pretty good purpose.

Oh, and who could forget our police officers, firefighters, EMTs, soldiers, teachers, prosecutors, judges, corrections officers, mailmen and women, and the other hundreds of thousands of people who work for our “socialist” agendas?

See, in my America, we strive for equality. I really hate seeing the rich people getting wealthier on the backs of the middle and lower classes (20 percent of my gross income goes for taxes, and I make a whopping $13,000 a year, whereas a multi-millionaire by the name of Mitt Romney pays 8 percent).

That’s what seems grossly unjust to me.

Jessica Anne Frazer


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