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Letter: Meaning of ‘American’ must be made clear

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Roderick Edwards


To the editor:

I’ve been thinking a lot about why this country was founded. They used to call it the “American Experiment” because no other nation had been designed like this one.

So, what is the unique factor?

It was freedom — and freedom as defined as a concept where other people can’t tell you what you can do or think (as long as you aren’t harming anyone).

We have lost focus. Now, it seems everyone is trying to tell other people what they can do and think, be it whether we can drink 32-ounce sugary drinks, own personal firearms or think homosexuality is a sin and say so.

We are now told these simple freedoms are or will be illegal and so-called hate crimes. And no wonder — we are becoming a nation of either immigrants that have no idea what freedom means (having lived previously under dictators, they come here and want to dictate to others, since that has been their only example), or with people born here who think that they can “vote people off the island” if they don’t agree with them. America isn’t supposed to be this way. This is not some talent show where a panel of judges dictates what other people can or can’t do. This is reality.

We need to better articulate what it means to be an American so that immigrants can understand why they shouldn’t expect to dictate how other people behave and so that natural-born Americans can understand why they can’t keep expecting the government to be their tool to impose their ideas on everyone else.

The reason I am conservative is because I “conserve” or restrain my own ideas to my own sphere of influence. If people want to join in expressing and following my ideas, great, but as part of the American experiment, it is not my right to force people to think and do as I do, as long as they aren’t harming me. Got it?

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