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Letter: Learn lessons from downtown construction

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Frank Dean


To the editor:

Though the vast amount of information in your article (Price of Progress, May 30) was in fact accurate, I feel there are a few things that need to be added to the discussion to allow for a better understanding. Some issues can be easily clarified such as:

It should be no surprise that restaurants and bars are not losing business. They have many machinists, carpenters, concrete workers, truck drivers, backhoe and bulldozer operators, etc., from three separate construction projects spending breakfast, lunch and even after-work drinks with them.

Your story reports that Frank’s Guitars’ “earnings” are down from $8,000 to $4,000. Sales are not true earnings. So you can deduct all but 30 percent of that number to be considered “earnings.”

I’ve never asked for any form of “bailout” or “help” from the city. What I’ve suggested is that public officials be more considerate of the last very few true retail businesses left. Restaurants, clubs, Fed Ex ports, trophy shops, athletic uniforms, etc., will be little affected either as much of their business is from other local businesses. And if you need an attorney you’ll find a way to get there, much as you would a doctor. My statements concerned true retail “merchandise-on-the-wall” establishments.

I not only conduct business in Franklin, I also live here. And Mayor Joe McGuinness is a valued friend. So my opinions are hopefully not construed as an indictment of him or his administration in any way. My feeling is this should seriously be looked upon as an important lesson to be learned.

And although it may be construed as arrogant, the residents of Franklin need to decide whether they prefer their children and grandchildren having access to things like a local musical education, or do they want to drive to Greenwood or Columbus at a greater cost of time and money.

Or perhaps I should start a sight-seeing tour of law offices, title companies, city government annexes and really, really nice sidewalks.

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