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Letter: Greenwood not at fault for loss of life in accident

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Chris Feilen


To the editor:

To Mrs. Wimbush: I’m sorry for the loss of your husband, and I thank him and I appreciate his service to our country.

It is terrible that he drove off the road, into the pond and died.

The fact that he died, though, is not the fault of the city of Greenwood, or of the property’s owner. He died because he drove off the road and, unfortunately, into the retention pond.

That is no one’s fault but his own. (Unless of course, he was forced off the road by another vehicle, which does not seem to be the case.)

Who would be at fault if he left the road and hit a tree? Or a parked car? Or, for that matter, a pedestrian?

Whose fault is it when people run red lights and get involved in a wreck?

I am very sorry for your loss, and for everybody else who loses a loved one, but I’d like to know why one would even consider that in a case like this, that anyone should or would be owed money.

The city of Greenwood does not have a big pot of money to be handed out to everyone who feels they deserve it (they waste enough on their own). The money (if you are to win your suit) would be coming from me and all the other taxpaying citizens of this city. Do you think I owe you?

I’m sorry to be negative in your time of grief, but I think we all need to accept responsibility for our own actions and not blame those who have nothing to do with them.

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