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Letter: Going remains rough on Whiteland Road

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R. Dustin Doyle


To the editor:

As a resident of Johnson County who uses Whiteland Road on a daily basis, I looked forward to the time when the new construction would be complete between State Road 135 and Saddle Club Road. A widened two-lane road would be a nice advantage as this road is becoming more crowded each and every year.

Much to my chagrin, the road opens with obvious issues:

1. Why is there a sign with a car looking like it is jumping over bumps in the road? Oh, because it was thought a good idea to open the road while the manhole covers cause your car to come out of alignment. Great addition.

2. Instead of making it two lanes now, the cover story a couple of weeks ago stated that it would convert into two lanes “when it is needed.”

Great, so we can now spend how much taxpayer money to seed/landscape the median over how many years when it would have been more efficient to just pave it now and not have to shut down the road again someday to take it to two lanes.

Why would we not just widen it now and save the drivers the inconvenience of shutting down the road again in the future?

3. Why in four months could we not figure out a way to make the manhole covers not stick up so you need special shocks in your car or risk concussion?

Or how about this, why did we not put the manhole covers off of the road, in the dirt so when it is necessary to get to them, we do not need to divert traffic (which right now, it will divert traffic into a muddy mess, but in the future, will divert traffic into the grass/landscaping)?

Before we start the next phase between Saddle Club and Morgantown roads, can we have a discussion of how much it will cost to pave the entire road for four lanes instead of seeding/landscaping the median for X number of years?

Also, can we please have a smooth road to drive on when the project is complete and think of a way to maybe move the manhole covers off of the road, or at least to make it smooth to drive on?

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