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Letter: Effective compromise requires common goals

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Ron West

Johnson County commissioner


To the editor:

In response to Donald Thompson’s letter to the editor in the Jan. 17 issue of the Daily Journal titled “Obama naysayers must learn to compromise,” as an Obama naysayer, let me be the first to attempt such compromise.

To enable us to compromise, I must state my opinions that might differ from Mr. Thompson’s, so that we might seek some middle ground for compromise. I believe that, after four more years Mr. Thompson and President Barack Obama will still be blaming President George W. Bush for all that ails our great country.

I believe our economy will be in worse shape than it is today and unemployment will be higher in the private sector than at any time since the Great Depression. I have no doubt that President Obama will continue to gut our military and that Obama’s lack of leadership will encourage worldwide terrorism at an unprecedented level.

I also expect NRA membership, gun ownership and firearm purchases to increase.

Mr. Thompson states, “And when the intrusive war on terrorism and the ill-advised war in Iraq were forced down our throats” by President Bush I assume, however, he does not mention the Vietnam War that two Democratic presidents involved our country in, at the cost of thousands of young brave men and women; a war that by far exceeded the Iraq War in dollars and lives. So this might be an area where we can compromise.

Mr. Thompson says he voted for and mostly supports President Obama. Given that, I think we might find compromise in that which he does not support the president. I am sure we both take exception to the government takeover of the health care industry.

We both surely must agree that government spending and the $4 trillion to $6 trillion dollar increase in our national debt during the last four years by Obama is destroying our nation and future generations. No doubt we both are disappointed in Obama purposely dividing the country, with class and race warfare that most consider shameful.

Of course Fast and Furious, Benghazi, stimulus deception and untold other lies and cover-ups this administration has perpetrated on Americans and the world are areas that we can also agree on, hopefully.

Compromise is easy and effective when both parties share a common goal. However, one party seeks to save and preserve this great nation, its Constitution, Bill of Rights, personal and religious freedoms.

The other party wants to dismantle the foundation and destroy the very soul on which America was founded and by which America is and has been the leader of the free world.

Given these two very distinct goals, I don’t see where there is any room left for compromise.

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