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Letter: Distorting historical facts won’t result in truth

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Floyd Shirrell


To the editor:

(The Daily Journal) reports that both Abraham Lincoln and Noam Chomsky are similar tellers of the truth (according to Robert Shetterly). Really? Because the goofball Shetterly believes it to be so does not make it so.

For a Marxist or anarchist to be truthful would require the telling about the tens of millions of people who were killed in China who wanted nothing more than to make free personal decisions. To survive in China required doing exactly what the communist leadership told you to do and fitting into their master plan, not your own.

They also don’t tell about the millions of Russians that eventually were slaughtered beginning with Lenin’s Communist-driven Russian Revolution. They don’t talk about Roosevelt’s “Uncle Joe Stalin.” Woody Guthrie was a lifelong Marxist/communist. He was a supporter of Joe Stalin, Mao Zedong, Karl Marx, Lenin and other mass murderers.

To believe that these people were equal tellers of the truth compared to President Lincoln would require a lot of good drugs and a very high selective distortion of historical facts.

Will the students at Franklin College also be informed about the “factual side” of history as it relates to Shetterly’s fantasy?

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