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Letter: Destructive policies ruining country

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To the editor:

We, the American people, pride ourselves on our freedom and on our ability to elect our own representatives. Much of this comes from the ancient Greco-Roman cultures that championed the participation of their populations in society, including politics.

The philosopher Plato wrote a book called “The Republic,” wherein he outlined his ideal society, where the “Guardians” would do the will of the people.

The problem with Plato’s idea and the problem we are facing now in America is the question of what happens when the masses become too uneducated on the issues or become too easily manipulated by the “Guardians” or representatives.

What happens when the majority attempts to vote for representatives that will actually destroy the Republic by their policies?

We are at this stage in America. The 2012 Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, attempted to bring attention to this problem when he said 47 percent of America’s voting public is attempting to elect representatives that have demonstrated destructive policies.

Not merely bad ideas, but policies that fundamentally change what America has been for the past 236 years. Romney is blasted for daring to even utter this fact that a large segment of America’s population is being manipulated to vote for class warfare; to vote for penalizing success and coddling failure — whether through bailouts or funding for failed ideas such as forcing lending institutions to give loans to people who clearly never could have repaid those loans.

Americans are being fed a false narrative that Barack Obama “inherited” a crisis and that the past four years are the result. Rather, the facts are, whether you like former President George W. Bush or not, the unemployment rate remained steady at 4 to 5 percent for all eight years of his two terms.

The only thing Obama “inherited” was his own party’s botched attempt at so-called fairness as it forced lending institutions to hold bad debt based on the government’s social engineering schemes. That all came to a head, either suddenly or by design in late 2007, which allowed then-candidate Obama to claim to be the savior of a contrived crisis.

It is time we realize America was built for and by people from many nations to be one nation — a nation of freedom and opportunity. The “fairness” of America has always been that everyone is free to pursue opportunities or free to not pursue them.

How did we Americans allow such an anti-American idea to weasel its way into our social fabric? Perhaps it is because we have been duped by “Guardians” who not only do not like the America of 1776, but they don’t even understand it.

We need to get back to an America that trumpets success, whether that success is in business, in arts, in sports or any other area where Americans have and can still be exceptional leaders.

Moving “forward” or “changing” for movement or change’s sake alone is more akin to a rabble-rouser, an agitator, a community organizer who simply wants to divide people so that they can control people.

America is a nation of one people, with one idea, united in the pursuit of happiness with the least amount of “Guardian” dictation as possible.

We are supposed to be a free people, a beacon to the rest of humanity: an example of what happens when people from all the nationalities of the world come together to form a more perfect union of people with those same hopes and dreams.

Roderick Edwards


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