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Letter: Citizens deserve more than what has been given

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Donald Smith


To the editor:

How little we learn from our own history and have to relive the mistakes over and over. Four myths rebutted by history seem to be present in nearly every edition of the paper.

Taxing the rich is economically dangerous and un-American. Until the Reagan era, high income taxpayers were taxed at marginal rates up to 90 percent without stifling either the economy or personal ambitions. The wealthy have been feasting on major tax breaks for nearly 30 years. As noted by Warren Buffett, the rich are the ones conducting class warfare and are winning. Yet we swallow their propaganda, especially the myth they are small businesses.

Gun control is un-American and the enemy of freedom. Both state and federal governments took strong actions in the first half of the 20th century to curb the wild west mentality of the country and the flood of military weapons from the various wars.

Concealed carry was outlawed or tightly regulated in every state, ownership of military arms was regulated by the federal government with cooperation from the National Rifle Association, sporting arms were generally unregulated and hunting and marksmanship were popular and encouraged by law enforcement across the country. Gun owners were not harassed, drive-by shootings were unheard of, and the NRA was not obsessed with the second amendment.

The free market and limited government will solve our nation’s problems. Between the robber barons of oil, steel and railroads and the Great Depression, the country learned that the free market is a license to steal from both the people and the government and that the challenges of government are extremely complex in the face of a global economy, worldwide security and technological explosion. No country can survive the 21st century with 19th century wishful thinking.

We can effectively legislate morality — recreational drugs, traditional marriage or birth control. Prohibition proved how expensive and futile that can be, but we keep trying.

The ordinary people of this country deserve more responsible and responsive government than partisan groups chanting bumper sticker slogans or propagating outright ignorance of scientific and historical facts or the reality of current events.

Ideology is the enemy of civilization, whether conservative or liberal, religious or cultural, male or female. Purists who think they are the only ones who are right need to be boxed and shipped to where they can live in their own ideal world.

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