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Letter: Bloomberg’s defiance of Bible questions character

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To the editor:

I usually don’t read Dan Thomasson’s opinion columns. This time reading the Opinion page (July 21), bold print caught my eye. The name (Michael) Bloomberg jumped out at me. As I read the article “Bloomberg injects money, influence into gun debate,” I wondered if Dan Thomasson really knows Mr. Bloomberg. This letter is not about the NRA or gun control. Even if I do believe in keeping guns away from people who don’t need them or know what they can do.

It’s about his hero, Mr. Bloomberg.

Mr. Thomasson, did you know Mr. Bloomberg is greater than God? Not my words, his.

Recently he made a public statement, “If there is a heaven, when I die, I am going straight in. I earned it.” Wow, it must be great knowing you are the only human to never be before God’s judgment seat.

I think Mr. Bloomberg is a legend in his own mind and the people his money impresses. I really think Mr. Bloomberg needs to get a Bible and do some research.

My Bible, King James version, states that man’s works are as filthy rags. It also states you cannot enter heaven by your works lest any man boast (like Mr. Bloomberg). Several verses in my Bible say the only way to enter heaven is through the grace of God.

One verse I remember is when Jesus met the rich man who asked about heaven, and when Jesus told him how to do it, he went away sad. Jesus’ statement was, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

So, Mr. Thomasson, no matter how you praise Mr. Bloomberg, he will never be my hero. God help America if he ever runs for president.

Don Kurtz


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