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Letter: Be leery, get informed about investments

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Dr. Dick Huber


To the editor:

“Local resident bilked $1.7 million from local investors” (Dec. 20) could be a learning situation for all. Nothing wrong and nothing lost in learning from mistakes made by others.

Be cautious when someone feels they have a divine gift to help you manage your money. Quote: “... that God had granted him a gift to help others prosper through this investment.” Then later apologized for being gullible, naive and uneducated about the investment.

If God had a message for the swindler, might God also have a message for the susceptible investor? Should we be seeking God’s guidance in such matters?

Also be leery if something seems too good to be true. The perpetrators were guaranteeing an 18 percent return on investments. Get-rich schemes may be very tempting and greed often clouds our common sense.

Ever hear of not putting all your eggs in one basket? When dealing with your investments, life savings and retirement funds, be cautious about putting too much into one company or business. Use several different baskets for your money.

I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, but I do plan to let this situation be a warning and a learning tool. God is willing to give guidance. Greed is a dangerous trait. Spread out money in savings, investments and retirement funds.

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