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Letter: Abortion reflects shameful hour of moral regression

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To the editor:

On April 3, a Planned Parenthood lobbyist, Alisa LaPolt Snow, stood before legislators in Florida and answered hypothetical questions about a bill that would tighten the laws governing abortions. She testified that if a baby was born during a botched late-term abortion, the fate of the baby was no different than if it were still in the womb, subject to the whim of the patient (the lobbyist meant the mother, not the baby) and doctor.

The phrasing was intentionally the same as is used to assert the rights of the mother and physician to abort during pregnancy. In short, she endorsed infanticide, the killing or withholding of care to infants outside the womb. For Planned Parenthood, the question of when human life begins is answered: sometime between birth and death, or after death if the “born fetus” is an infant.

There is some logic to this way of thinking. It is akin to saying it is OK to kill an innocent person outside their former home if it is OK (legal) to kill an innocent person while they were still inside at their former address.

The Jewish Feast of Dedication (Festival of Lights or Hanukkah) celebrates the defeat of Antiochus IV, who crucified mothers, hanging their children around their necks, if they tried to circumcise their sons and not conform to Antiochus’ new Greek culture. With that culture in mind, he also converted the temple chambers into brothels and defiled the altar by sacrificing swine on it to the Greek pantheon.

It is not hard to draw parallels to our present government and culture, particularly in taking tax dollars to support such carnage and, in the name of affordable health care, completely subsidizing birth control, forcing those of opposing moral positions to pay for them. Part of our Western tradition is not merely adopting Greco-

Roman proclivities but reforming them in light of the Judeo-Christian tradition of personal freedom and responsibility.

While some may wish to emulate all things Greek, including the practice of killing unwanted infants, I choose to be more selective in adopting Greek morals. I believe that God imbues human beings, just born, yet to be born, and those who are old enough to defy God’s ways, with incredible, inestimable worth. That worth is more than any person’s “right” to choose to end the life of another human being.

I live somewhat uncomfortably with those who hold lesser values of their fellow human beings but draw the line on infanticide. (What is next: the killing of old people, or people born with defects? This reminds me of another Western culture run amok.)

Our selfish and confused society, which condones, actively and passively, so-called sexual rights, which cause a great number of unwanted pregnancies and illnesses, demands taxpayers to subsidize convenient solutions to irresponsible, selfish behavior.

This is the prevailing idea of no-fault, no-responsibility pregnancies, and its corresponding no-fault, no-cost abortions. But endorsing the killing of newborn children goes beyond the pale. I therefore request our elected officials to add Planned Parenthood funding to the sequestration.

The Florida hearing was a bit like the revelation of Acorn five years ago. However, in this case, no one needed to use a hidden camera. It is sad when our nation, known as the bastion and promoter of freedom and human rights, is found financing the removal of the basic right to life from unborn humans and entertaining the right of killing newborn humans.

This is our shameful hour of moral regression. It is bad enough that one can find in some Florida Yellow Pages an independent clinic which advertises both abortions and tummy tucks during the same visit, for one’s convenience. The least we can do is demand that our tax dollars do not subsidize these beliefs and actions.

Peter F. Jessen


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