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Letter: 3 current bureaucrats far from exceptional

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Kenneth R. DeVoe


To the editor:

In my recent letter to the editor, quoting one of my cohorts (Cicero) and his definition of a bureaucrat, a reader took exception to my friend’s description.

All, and I mean ALL of today’s bureaucrats are defined as “hard-working, dedicated public servants,” as defined by their family, close friends and lackadaisical citizens. But all too frequently, something strange happens when an ordinary upright citizen is given some authority and answers to no one.

Following the transformation, he/she likely goes home, kicks the dog and claims sole possession of the TV remote.

Following many moons of observing and struggling with local, state and federal bureaucrats, with little/no success, I have made a list of three of my favorites, now in the news ...

Raymond Clapper, head of the (in)famous National Security Agency, an organization that puts Josef Stalin, East Germany Polize and George Orwell to shame, testified before a congressional committee: Golly! Gee Whiz! The NSA would never dream of monitoring all (that is ALL) phone calls in the USA. Such lies would land some poor slob such as me disgraced and behind bars.

Eric Holder, attorney general of the USA, knowingly allowed automatic rifles to be shipped to Mexican drug lords(!), and these guns were used to murder a border patrol agent.

And, finally, everybody’s favorite, Kathleen Sebelius, head of Health and Human Services and, quite possibly, the most incompetent person to ever hold that high office — and she will have control, final decision concerning our health problems!

Readers can compile their own favorites, and add to the list.

Should using my friend Cicero’s definition of a bureaucrat qualify me as a fool — I cheerfully plead guilty!

If any local bureaucrat has been offended, perhaps the definition applies. Anyone who enters into public office had better develop thicker skin or perform as a “dedicated hardworking public servant” and be above reproach.

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