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Columns: Life on the edge: Verge of something interesting

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As I write this, the weather radars are showing an approaching front bringing snow or ice from the West. It should be here before I am finished with this column.

It looks like my area of the state will be right on the line between the snowy area and the icy area. Right on the edge of the two systems.

Is it just me, or does it seem like we here in the central part of the state often wind up on the weather edge? There are good and not-so-good results of living where different weather fronts meet, that’s for sure; but whatever the pros and cons, living on the edge sure keeps things interesting.

I have an untested hypothesis — aka, a guess — why different weather patterns seem to converge here in our part of the state. The line where the glaciers halted thousands of years ago is right here in Central Indiana. Because of the glaciers, the topography of the northern part is quite different from that in the south. Maybe the relatively flat northern land causes weather to form that is different from the weather which forms over the hilly southern landforms. Or maybe the weather that moves in from the west reacts differently when it encounters the flat lands and the hills.

Or maybe I should stick to writing about something about which I have more knowledge.

I do know something about music, and thinking about edges makes me remember that the guitar player for U2 who was born David Howell Evans adopted the name “The Edge” (sometimes just “Edge”) as his stage name. It’s a pretty good rock’n’roll name,

I think.

On the edge is where people who want to be nonconformist or nontraditional hang out. This is an image rockers and artists usually want to project. “Edgy” translates to original and innovative. Avant-garde art is rebellious, challenges preconceived notions and is truly understood only by others comfortable living on the cutting edge.

Of course, as I write this I am aware of the irony that after all these years and all their success the band U2 is probably as established and mainstream as a rock band could be. Over time it seems the Edge has lost a little bit of

his edge.

While living on the cutting edge can be desirable as an artist, if you are feeling on edge you are probably anxious and fretful. Maybe you are annoyed because your teenage son is playing his music too loudly, and the pulsing beat along with the approaching snowstorm as well as the other pressures of the day are about to push you over the edge.

These negative emotions cause anxiety and an unpleasant nervousness. How different they are from the nervous excitement that puts you on the edge of your seat at, let’s say, a U2 concert. Of course, for a person who detests that sort of music — a tired mom who is frayed at the edges, for example — U2’s music might do nothing more than set her teeth on edge.

I can see out the window that the front has finally arrived. Looks like it is mostly snow. The edge of the icy part of the system must be farther south.

Although it has been tough dealing with so much snow and ice this winter, I try to remember how grateful we will be for all this winter moisture when the dry spells of summer are upon us. It is a double-edged sword, I guess.

One last thing comes to mind as I look at the word “edge.” It has an “e” on both ends. Two “e”s edge “edge.”

Norman Knight, a retired Clark-Pleasant Middle School teacher, writes this weekly column for the Daily Journal. Send comments to letters@dailyjournal.net.

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