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Stories with subject: Documentaries
  • Gun supporters claim Katie Couric documentary deceptive 
    Updated: May-26-16 7:00 am

    WASHINGTON - Gun rights activists featured in a new documentary on the issue hosted by Katie Couric say it utilizes deceptive editing to misrepresent their response to a question from the news anchor.

  • 'Grey's Anatomy' actor helps produce BET documentary 
    Updated: May-24-16 11:31 am

    NEW YORK - Actor Jesse Williams says he sees BET's documentary premiering Thursday on the Black Lives Matter movement as a time capsule capturing the conditions that led to the group's formation.

  • Local entities join together for film screening about drugs 
    Updated: May-22-16 11:04 am

    MARTINSBURG, West Virginia - Hundreds of community leaders, students and parents packed Martinsburg High School's auditorium to view "Chasing the Dragon-The Life of An Opiate Addict, " a documentary film produced by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

  • Winners announced in 2015 PAPBA contest 
    Updated: May-20-16 9:03 pm

    HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania - Four radio and television stations were honored with the Joe Snyder Award for Outstanding News Service on Friday at the Pennsylvania Associated Press Broadcasters Association's annual awards banquet.

  • In highlights of Cannes, a hush falls over the festival 
    Updated: May-20-16 6:09 am

    CANNES, France - Full of booing critics, shouting photographers and interminable standing ovations, the Cannes Film Festival is a non-stop cacophony broken only by the two (or three) -hour reprieve between a movie's opening and closing credits.

  • 'Weiner' explores nuance in disgraced politician's scandal story has photos
    Updated: May-19-16 2:29 pm

    LOS ANGELES - Directors Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg had always intended to try to elevate disgraced politician Anthony Weiner's story above the sensationalism of the sexting scandal that effectively ended his congressional career. What they didn't know, however, was that it was going to happen again while they were filming.

  • In Cannes' hit 'Loving,' a humble love overpowers racism 
    Updated: May-18-16 11:08 am

    CANNES, France - Jeff Nichols, sitting calmly by the beach, was surprised to notice a curious lack of butterflies amid the usually anxiety-ridden premiere experience at the Cannes Film Festival. His film, "Loving," is about Richard and Mildred Loving, the Virginia couple whose biracial marriage in 1958 led to a landmark Supreme Court decision on marriage equality.

  • Film focuses on baseball-minded U of Illinois professor 
    Updated: May-14-16 4:59 pm

    CHAMPAIGN, Illinois - A University of Illinois history professor who has written two books on Latinos in baseball is about to see his work on television.

  • 'Believeland' film examines Cleveland's deep sports passion 
    Updated: May-13-16 1:04 pm

    CLEVELAND - Like so many kids growing up in Ohio, Andy Billman learned to love Cleveland's sports teams.

  • Silver surprise, then another unexpected moment for Holcomb 
    Updated: May-13-16 2:27 am

    MONTREAL - The knock on the door came shortly after Steven Holcomb learned his Olympic bronze medals could be upgraded to silver because of a doping scandal in Russia.

  • Former lab director offers help on tests of tampered samples 
    Updated: May-12-16 10:22 pm

    MONTREAL - The former Moscow lab director who revealed Russia's plans to tamper with urine samples to guarantee clean drug tests at the Sochi Olympics is calling on Olympic officials to test the stored samples with his assistance.

  • Future's history: Shatner looks at 50 years of Star Trek 
    Updated: May-12-16 4:26 pm

    MIAMI - "Star Trek" has always looked to the future (aside from episodes where the crew fought Nazis, Romans and other things the producers could easily get costumes for), but Capt. James T. Kirk himself can't help but be impressed by the franchise's half-century of history.

  • Chinese artist Ai Weiwei travels to Gaza for refugee project story has photos
    Updated: May-11-16 9:27 am

    RAFAH, Gaza Strip - Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei is visiting the Gaza Strip as part of a documentary he is making about Middle East refugees.

  • In a France darkened by fear, Cannes hopes to supply light 
    Updated: May-09-16 11:50 am

    NEW YORK - The first time Jodie Foster came to the Cannes Film Festival, she did so as a co-star in Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver," and as a wide-eyed 13-year-old, soaking in the spectacle. "Taxi Driver" would go on to win the festival's prestigious Palme d'Or.

  • Gun violence gets more nuanced, probing coverage 
    Updated: May-07-16 2:44 pm

    LOS ANGELES - Media attention to gun violence tends to be doled out in predictable, limited ways: when a mass shooting happens, when the anniversary of such a tragedy is marked or when the use of deadly force by law enforcement or citizens is questioned.

  • Fallen World War II soldier honored at home, overseas 
    Updated: May-07-16 9:56 am

    VALDOSTA, Georgia - Seventy-one years after his death fighting the Nazis in Europe, a marker was dedicated on April 29 in a South Georgia cemetery to the memory of Army Staff Sgt. Sidney Beck.

  • Official Whitney Houston doc in the works from Oscar-winner 
    Updated: Apr-28-16 8:06 pm

    LOS ANGELES - An official Whitney Houston documentary is in the works from Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald. It will be the first to be authorized by the late pop superstar's estate since her death in 2012 at age 48. Altitude Film Entertainment announced the project on Thursday.