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Stories with subject: Weapons laws and regulations
  • West Virginia begins allowing concealed guns without permits 
    Updated: May-24-16 3:55 am

    CHARLESTON, West Virginia - West Virginia now lets people 21 years old and up carry hidden guns without permits or training.

  • GOP nominee to succeed Boehner in Ohio: Time to see results 
    Updated: May-23-16 9:01 pm

    HAMILTON, Ohio - The Republican nominee to succeed former U.S. House Speaker John Boehner in his district said Monday he'll be a voice for the district in Washington and will push to get action on issues on which little has happened, such as the nation's budget.

  • The Latest: Republican says time for action on budget 
    Updated: May-23-16 8:15 pm

    HAMILTON, Ohio - The Latest on the candidate forum for the special election to fill the U.S. House seat vacated by Republican John Boehner (all times local):

  • Guns now permitted in Texas centers for disabled residents 
    Updated: May-20-16 4:22 pm

    AUSTIN, Texas - Texas' state-run homes for disabled residents have begun letting people with concealed handgun permits carry weapons into the facilities.

  • California Senate approves sweeping gun-control measures story has photos
    Updated: May-19-16 8:30 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - Democrats in the California Senate approved a wide-ranging series of gun control bills Thursday, reviving an effort to significantly tighten California's already strict gun laws in the wake of last year's terrorist attack in San Bernardino.

  • Trump, Clinton speeches to highlight US divisions on guns 
    Updated: May-19-16 4:57 pm

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will court voters on opposite sides of the gun debate over the next two days in events that will highlight the nation's deep divide on the topic.

  • The Latest: California Senate backs strict gun restrictions story has photos
    Updated: May-19-16 2:45 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - The latest on the California Senate's gun-control debate (all times are local):

  • Judge halts enforcement of a portion of DC's strict gun law 
    Updated: May-17-16 5:51 pm

    WASHINGTON - A federal judge in Washington halted enforcement of a portion of the city's strict gun law Tuesday in a ruling that conflicts with another judge's assessment of the law earlier this year and sets up two competing views for a higher court.

  • Appeals court reinstates gun store lawsuit over restrictions 
    Updated: May-16-16 5:57 pm

    SAN FRANCISCO - A federal appeals court said Monday in a California lawsuit that the Second Amendment right to bear arms extends to gun stores and requires governments to justify restrictions on them.

  • University of Kansas Senate forms free speech committee 
    Updated: May-14-16 11:25 am

    LAWRENCE, Kansas - A committee will research whether the University of Kansas needs an explicit policy supporting freedom of speech and expression.

  • UN report: Congolese officers got pistols from North Koreans 
    Updated: May-14-16 1:31 am

    UNITED NATIONS - U.N. experts say Congolese army officers and police reported receiving pistols from a group of 30 North Korean instructors training their presidential guard and special police forces, which would appear to be a violation of U.N. sanctions banning Pyongyang from exporting weapons or providing military training.

  • Missouri lawmakers pass expanded gun rights on final day 
    Updated: May-13-16 9:21 pm

    JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri - Missouri lawmakers passed a sweeping expansion of gun rights Friday, allowing people to carry concealed guns without needing permits while also expanding their right to stand and fight against perceived threats.

  • New Kansas laws deal with pot penalties, abortion, tanning 
    Updated: May-13-16 8:07 pm

    TOPEKA, Kansas - Kansas is lessening some of its penalties for marijuana possession, specifically prohibiting nurse midwives from performing abortions and strengthening its gun rights laws.

  • Guns are banned, but are Oklahoma lawmakers packing? story has photos
    Updated: May-12-16 2:08 am

    OKLAHOMA CITY - It's become a common scene at the Oklahoma Capitol: While construction workers, employees and visiting schoolchildren wait patiently to walk through the metal detectors guarding the entrances, a man with a briefcase arrives and breezes straight through the checkpoint without stopping, setting off the alarms. The security officers on duty flinch but look away.

  • Mother of slain teen lobbies to kill Oklahoma gun bills 
    Updated: May-11-16 4:45 pm

    OKLAHOMA CITY - A Lawton woman whose 19-year-old son was shot and killed in 2009 is among a group of mothers who urged legislators Wednesday to defeat a bill that would allow people to carry guns in public with no training or background checks.

  • US appeals court hears Maryland gun control case 
    Updated: May-11-16 1:49 pm

    RICHMOND, Virginia - A federal appeals court spent more than an hour Wednesday vigorously questioning lawyers about the constitutionality of Maryland's assault weapons ban and whether a judge who upheld it applied the correct legal standard.

  • The Latest: US appeals court hears Maryland gun-control case 
    Updated: May-11-16 11:19 am

    RICHMOND, Virginia - The Latest on a federal appeals court hearing on Maryland's assault weapons ban (all times local):

  • Ducey vetoes 1 guns bill, signs 2 others 
    Updated: May-10-16 5:14 pm

    PHOENIX - Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey demonstrated his support for firearms protections on Tuesday, signing two pieces of legislation and vetoing a third further-reaching measure.

  • Michael Bloomberg drops big donation to Oregon candidate story has photos
    Updated: May-09-16 10:32 pm

    PORTLAND, Oregon - Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has dropped $250,000 into state Rep. Val Hoyle's campaign for Oregon secretary of state, raising the stakes in what's considered the hottest statewide race in Oregon's May 17 primary.

  • Firearms legislative awaiting action from Gov. Doug Ducey 
    Updated: May-09-16 5:03 pm

    PHOENIX - Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey will have to weigh in on firearms legislation after Republican lawmakers passed a series of bills focused largely on preventing any future regulations that could interfere with the right to bear arms.

  • Hundreds march across New York bridge for stricter gun laws 
    Updated: May-07-16 6:10 pm

    NEW YORK - Hundreds of people carrying photos of loved ones killed by gun violence marched across the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday to rally for stricter gun laws and chanted demands for action.

  • Gun owner sues St. Cloud over firearms ordinance 
    Updated: May-06-16 1:42 pm

    ST. CLOUD, Minnesota - A man arrested in St. Cloud for openly carrying an assault rifle is suing the city, claiming his constitutional rights were violated.

  • Georgia governor's vetoes on guns, faith bucked his GOP base 
    Updated: May-04-16 4:47 pm

    ATLANTA - When Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal recently vetoed bills allowing guns on college campuses and shielding religious people who deny people services based on their faith, he was directly bucking his fellow Republican lawmakers, who overwhelmingly supported the proposals, and possibly losing points with his conservative political base.

  • The Latest: Georgia vetoes bucked conservative GOP base 
    Updated: May-04-16 4:42 pm

    ATLANTA - The Latest on Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal's veto of a bill that would have allowed concealed handguns on college and universities (all times local):

  • Oklahoma House panel OKs open carry without permit, training 
    Updated: May-04-16 3:42 pm

    OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma residents age 21 and up could openly carry guns without a license, training or background checks under legislation that a House committee gave preliminary approval to on Wednesday.