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Stories with subject: Genetics
  • Lawyers fight over Josephine County GMO ban 
    Updated: Apr-16-16 3:37 pm

    GRANTS PASS, Oregon - Farmers seeking to overturn the ban against genetically modified crops in Josephine County are under fire in court.

  • Shoulder surgery keeps Paul Stanley from KISS benefit show 
    Updated: Apr-16-16 3:18 am

    BEVERLY HILLS, California - Shoulder surgery has prevented Paul Stanley from performing an intimate show with KISS.

  • DuPont fights Vermont subpoena in GMO labeling lawsuit 
    Updated: Apr-15-16 2:02 pm

    DOVER, Delaware - The Dupont Co. is fighting a subpoena from Vermont government officials for results of DuPont's research regarding the potential health and environmental impacts of the company's genetically engineered or modified crops, and associated herbicide and pesticide use on those crops.

  • Vermont to target 'willful violations' of GMO labeling law story has photos
    Updated: Apr-09-16 9:50 am

    MONTPELIER, Vermont - As Vermont is set to become the first state in the country on July 1 to require the labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients, the state's attorney general says his office will enforce the law by targeting "willful violations" by manufacturers and not products that were produced before that date that are still on store shelves.

  • UAB to research pig-to-human kidney transplants 
    Updated: Apr-08-16 3:00 pm

    BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - The University of Alabama at Birmingham is joining a select group of schools that are researching the possibility of using genetically modified pig tissue for human kidney transplants.

  • Poll: Some key gaps in Americans' knowledge about Zika virus 
    Updated: Apr-07-16 9:56 pm

    WASHINGTON - Americans don't know a lot about the Zika virus that is linked to birth defects and creeping steadily closer to the U.S., according to a new poll that found about 4 in 10 say they've heard little to nothing about the mosquito-borne threat.

  • Clinton, Sanders had opposing views on biomedical research 
    Updated: Apr-02-16 8:15 am

    NEW YORK - Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were on opposing sides of certain types of biomedical research while they served in Congress, differences that have gained notice by scientists and advocates on the forefront of stem cell research.