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Stories with subject: Healthy eating
  • USDA proposes healthier fare for child, adult day cares story has photos
    Updated: Jun-27-15 10:48 am

    KANSAS CITY, Missouri - As teachers lament seeing toddlers too large to fit in playground swings, a federal program that feeds millions of low-income children may be overhauled for the first time in almost 50 years, aiming to make the meals at day cares healthier and reduce obesity.

  • CVS Health launches health, beauty makeover for drugstores story has photos
    Updated: Jun-17-15 5:05 pm

    CVS drugstores that quit tobacco sales last year are now getting health and beauty makeovers and a shot of ethnic diversity in some cases to attract customers who want more than a prescription refill.

  • Q&A: What are trans fats and why are they unhealthy? 
    Updated: Jun-17-15 10:05 am

    WASHINGTON - You may not even know you are eating them, but trans fats will soon be mostly gone from your food. The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday it will require food companies to phase them out over the next three years because the agency says they are a threat to public health.

  • FDA tells food industry to phase out artificial trans fats story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-16-15 11:01 pm

    WASHINGTON - Popular foods like pie crusts, frostings and microwave popcorn will be largely rid of artery-clogging trans fats after a decision by the Obama administration to phase them out over the next three years.

  • Loan, grant fund to address lack of access to healthy food 
    Updated: Jun-15-15 5:44 pm

    LANSING, Michigan - A loan and grant fund announced Monday in Lansing is designed to address the lack of access to healthy food in underserved communities across the state.

  • 'Giving Garden' volunteers farm fresh produce for food bank 
    Updated: Jun-14-15 3:05 am

    MYSTIC, Connecticut - The garden at Coogan Farm looks like a typical patch of farmland planted with tomatoes, potatoes and other varieties of vegetables.

  • 5 things about trans fats and the FDA's proposed phase out story has photos
    Updated: Jun-10-15 1:00 pm

    WASHINGTON - There are a lot fewer trans fats in the nation's food than there were a decade ago, but the Obama administration is moving toward getting rid of them almost entirely.

  • Pet food maker Blue Buffalo files for IPO worth up to $500M 
    Updated: Jun-10-15 12:14 pm

    NEW YORK - Blue Buffalo Pet Products, which has seen its sales skyrocket as health-conscious consumers look for healthier foods for their pets as well, is filing for an initial public offering worth up to $500 million.

  • Teaching kitchen helps to educate public in smart eating 
    Updated: Jun-01-15 9:23 am

    TERRE HAUTE, Indiana - Jessica Harkness hopped onto a stationary bicycle, furiously pedaling to liquefy the contents of a blender attached to the front.

  • Bustling markets inside DC's elementary schools 
    Updated: May-31-15 10:05 am

    WASHINGTON - It's an idyllic spring afternoon near D.C.'s Southwest waterfront: Kids play peacefully with their friends, occasionally taking a break to dance to music coming from a corner stereo. Parents float from one stand of fresh produce to another, while chefs tend to hot pans and fill the air with smells of sautéed garlic and onions.

  • Dietitian: Homemade Spam is healthier, offers personal touch 
    Updated: May-31-15 8:05 am

    HONOLULU - If your head is telling you to start your day with a bowl of oatmeal but your heart yearns to open that blue can of salty meat - you know the one- maybe it's time to take a lesson from Sharon Kaiulani Odom.