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Stories with subject: Nutrition
  • Correction: Weight Loss-Balloon story 
    Updated: Jul-29-15 1:58 pm

    WASHINGTON - In a story July 28 about an inflatable medical balloon approved to treat obesity, The Associated Press reported erroneously the amount of weight patients regained after having the device removed. Patients actually regained about one-third of their lost weight.

  • Proposed label would give context to sugar in foods 
    Updated: Jul-24-15 2:06 pm

    WASHINGTON - Wondering if you are eating too much added sugar? The nutrition label on your food may one day help you figure it out.

  • 560-pound man biking across US to lose weight 
    Updated: Jul-22-15 6:16 pm

    TIVERTON, Rhode Island - A 560-pound man biking across the United States to lose weight hit a snag in Rhode Island.

  • Report: School ban on sugary sodas, sweet snacks working 
    Updated: Jul-22-15 3:17 pm

    BOSTON - Rules aimed at banning sugary sodas, sweet snacks, potato chips and other standard school vending machine fare appear to be working in Massachusetts, according to a study released Wednesday.

  • Becoming a dad? Expect to gain 3 to 5 pounds, study suggests 
    Updated: Jul-21-15 5:47 pm

    NEW YORK - Many men gain a new sense of responsibility and purpose when they become fathers. A new study suggests they also gain 3 to 5 pounds.

  • Summer youth fitness program teaches healthy eating 
    Updated: Jul-18-15 10:10 am

    MARTINSBURG, West Virginia - Both Samuel Patton and Chloe DeMoulin now have a new appreciation about what's contained in some popular, name-brand cupcakes, thanks to registered nurse Joan Starliper's presentation at a session of Wellkids Fun in Training (FIT) - a summer fitness program that includes plenty of exercise, healthy snacks and plain old fun.

  • Dallas Zoo crew cooks up some wild dishes for finicky eaters 
    Updated: Jul-16-15 6:01 pm

    DALLAS - Most restaurants have to contend with finicky eaters, food supply issues and the bottom line.

  • Report: Nearly 1 in 3 young US adults too fat for military 
    Updated: Jul-15-15 6:55 am

    WICHITA, Kansas - The nation's obesity epidemic is causing significant recruiting problems for the military, with one in three young adults nationwide too fat to enlist, according to report issued Wednesday by a group of retired military leaders.

  • Newington Farmers Market keeps the fresh food flowing 
    Updated: Jul-11-15 3:06 am

    NEWINGTON, Connecticut - It's all homegrown and handmade at the Newington Farmers Market.

  • US seeks to block sales of Iowa firm's dietary supplements 
    Updated: Jul-10-15 3:26 pm

    CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Federal regulators have filed a complaint alleging an Iowa company has been selling potentially unsafe dietary supplements and falsely advertised them as treatments for various diseases.

  • ND generals ask Congress to promote act that fights obesity 
    Updated: Jul-09-15 6:31 pm

    FARGO, North Dakota - Senior military leaders from North Dakota said Thursday that federal nutrition standards for schools should not be watered down or eliminated because they are helping to curb an obesity epidemic that is hurting the recruitment of new soldiers.

  • Food politics hits India's most malnourished children 
    Updated: Jul-09-15 3:46 am

    MADKHEDA, India - Clutching battered metal plates, the children waited patiently in a remote central Indian village for the two small flat pieces of bread and scoop of boiled potato curry that would be their only full meal that day.

  • Firms fined $150M over false advertising of diet supplement 
    Updated: Jul-07-15 1:32 pm

    SANTA ANA, California - Federal officials have hit several Southern California distributors with tens of millions of dollars in fines for falsely advertising a dietary supplement's ability to restore memory loss and improve brain function.

  • Institutions like hospitals can help local mid-size farms 
    Updated: Jul-05-15 1:04 pm

    PORTLAND, Oregon - At Oregon Health & Science University recently, the lunch offerings included sandwiches made with organic chicken breast - locally sourced - on focaccia bread, baked locally and delivered daily. Plus salad made from local greens. Not a pre-packaged, mass-produced item in sight.

  • Teachers still sought in home economics field 
    Updated: Jul-04-15 10:37 am

    OMAHA, Nebraska - Forty years ago, when Cheryl Tschetter started teaching at what was then McMillan Junior High, boys were for the first time allowed to take home economics and girls could enroll in shop class.

  • Kentucky editorial roundup 
    Updated: Jul-01-15 2:35 pm

    Recent editorials from Kentucky newspapers: