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Stories with subject: War and unrest
  • new storyUS: Don't let defense utter 'Snowden' to jurors 
    Updated: Jun-03-15 7:29 pm

    CHICAGO - Prosecutors want a federal judge in a Chicago terrorism case to prohibit the defense from mentioning Edward Snowden at a 21-year-old suspect's upcoming trial.

  • new storyFBI: Boston knifeman had talked of attacking 'boys in blue' story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-03-15 7:23 pm

    BOSTON - A knife-wielding man killed by the terror investigators who had him under surveillance was confronted because he had bought knives and talked of an imminent attack on "boys in blue," the FBI said Wednesday.

  • new storyUS officials: Encryption hinders monitoring extremists story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-03-15 6:48 pm

    WASHINGTON - The growing use of encrypted communications and private messaging by supporters of the Islamic State group is complicating efforts to monitor terror suspects and extremists, U.S. law enforcement officials said Wednesday.

  • Research group: Afghan pro-government militias running amok 
    Updated: Jun-03-15 6:14 pm

    KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghanistan is increasingly relying on a "cheap but dangerous" national militia of some 30,000 fighters, some of whom have committed serious abuses in the communities they are supposed to protect, an international research group said Thursday.

  • Feds want mental patient medicated for terror support trial 
    Updated: Jun-03-15 6:01 pm

    RALEIGH, North Carolina - Federal prosecutors sought Wednesday to have a North Carolina man forcibly medicated at a psychiatric hospital so he can face a charge that he sought to join al-Qaida-linked fighters in Syria.

  • Taiwan president candidate seeks stable relations with China story has photos
    Updated: Jun-03-15 6:00 pm

    WASHINGTON - Taiwan's opposition presidential candidate said that if she comes to power in January elections, her government would have a responsibility to contribute to peace and stability in relations with mainland China.

  • Gunmen in Egypt kill 2 police officers outside Giza Pyramids 
    Updated: Jun-03-15 5:25 pm

    CAIRO - Gunmen on a speeding motorcycle opened fire outside the famed Giza Pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo early Wednesday, killing two police officers in a rare attack near one of the country's top tourist attractions, authorities said.

  • Bomb rocks city as Nigeria takes command of Boko Haram fight 
    Updated: Jun-03-15 5:23 pm

    MAIDUGURI, Nigeria - An explosion that thundered across the city killed at least 11 people in Nigeria's northeastern city of Maiduguri on Wednesday, as a Nigerian general took command of a multinational force fighting the extremist group Boko Haram.

  • The latest on surveillance shooting: Knife attack thwarted story has photos
    Updated: Jun-03-15 4:29 pm

    4 p.m.

  • Orange would cut Israel link if not for risk of penalties 
    Updated: Jun-03-15 3:46 pm

    CAIRO - French telecoms giant Orange SA would end its relationship with an Israeli operator that pays to use its name "tomorrow" if it could, but to do so would be a "huge risk" in terms of penalties, its CEO said Wednesday.

  • Senate plowing ahead on $612 billion defense policy bill 
    Updated: Jun-03-15 3:39 pm

    WASHINGTON - The GOP-led Senate plowed ahead Wednesday on a $612 billion annual defense policy bill despite a White House veto threat and the Democratic leader's claim that it is an exercise in futility.

  • AP Interview: Top Yemen Shiite rebel welcomes UN peace talks story has photos
    Updated: Jun-03-15 2:59 pm

    SANAA, Yemen - The second-in-command of Yemen's Shiite rebels on Wednesday assailed the Saudi-led airstrikes pounding his group's positions and allied forces, insisting they are ready to travel to Geneva for U.N.-mediated peace talks on ending the country's civil war.

  • Report: Canada ill-prepared to prevent terror attacks 
    Updated: Jun-03-15 2:33 pm

    TORONTO - A new police report says a terror attack on Parliament last October proved to be a "grim reminder that Canada is ill-prepared" to stop terrorist attacks.

  • Gunmen in Egypt kill 2 police officers outside Giza Pyramids story has photos
    Updated: Jun-03-15 2:20 pm

    CAIRO - Gunmen on a speeding motorcycle opened fire outside the famed Giza Pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo early Wednesday, killing two police officers in a rare attack near one of the country's top tourist attractions, authorities said.

  • Ukraine battle tests cease-fire to breaking point story has photos
    Updated: Jun-03-15 2:04 pm

    KIEV, Ukraine - A major battle erupted Wednesday on the western edge of the main separatist rebel stronghold in eastern Ukraine, leaving more than a dozen dead and threatening to tip the country back into full-blown war.

  • US official: Airstrikes killed 10,000 Islamic State fighters 
    Updated: Jun-03-15 1:44 pm

    BEIRUT - A U.S. official said Wednesday that more than 10,000 Islamic State fighters have been killed by American-led airstrikes in Iraq and Syria in nine months, offering a body count for a campaign that has yet to blunt their advance.

  • Amnesty slams Nigeria army for abuses in Boko Haram battle story has photos
    Updated: Jun-03-15 12:08 pm

    LAGOS, Nigeria - Nigerian military abuses have caused the deaths of some 8,000 civilians in the fight against Boko Haram extremists, Amnesty International said in a report released Wednesday.

  • Bomber in Saudi Shiite mosque attack identified as Saudi 
    Updated: Jun-03-15 11:56 am

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia on Wednesday identified the suicide bomber behind last week's attack on a Shiite mosque that killed four people as a Saudi national as it offered cash rewards for information leading to the arrest of other terrorist suspects.

  • Former vigilante leader runs for office in Mexican elections 
    Updated: Jun-03-15 11:03 am

    APATZINGAN, Mexico - Fed up with drug cartel demands for extortion payments, lime-grower Hipolito Mora picked up an old shotgun and led his neighbors in a vigilante uprising in 2013.

  • Officials say bombings kill 11 people in Iraq's capital 
    Updated: Jun-03-15 10:37 am

    BAGHDAD - Authorities in Iraq say bombings targeting public places have killed 11 people around the capital, Baghdad.

  • Palestinian FIFA bid stirs opposite reactions among Israelis 
    Updated: Jun-03-15 9:55 am

    JERUSALEM - An aborted bid by the Palestinians to expel Israel from FIFA, the world soccer federation, has set off an uproar in Israel, raising fears that more such diplomatic assaults are on the way. But some liberal Israelis are more accepting of the Palestinian move, seeing it as an unpleasant step that just might prod Israel onto a peace track.

  • S. Korea test-fires missile that can strike all of N. Korea 
    Updated: Jun-03-15 4:56 am

    SEOUL, South Korea - South Korea on Wednesday successfully test-fired a domestically built ballistic missile that can hit all of North Korea, an official said, amid continuing animosity between the rivals over the North's push to bolster its nuclear and missile capabilities.

  • Report of rampant airport security failures not a first story has video
    Updated: Jun-02-15 11:57 pm

    WASHINGTON - Think you're safe on a plane? Federal undercover investigators who sneaked prohibited items with alarming ease past Homeland Security Department airport screeners have also smuggled simulated bombs and weapons aboard planes during tests as far back as September 2002, U.S. audits show.

  • 2 found guilty of placing bombs on Canada Day 2013 
    Updated: Jun-02-15 10:52 pm

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia - A jury found a Canadian couple guilty Tuesday of plotting to set off pressure-cooker bombs outside British Columbia's provincial legislature two years ago on Canada Day, when thousands of people were expected to be there.

  • Congress sends NSA phone-records bill to president story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-02-15 9:17 pm

    WASHINGTON - Congress approved sweeping changes Tuesday to surveillance laws enacted after the Sept. 11 attacks, eliminating the National Security Agency's disputed bulk phone-records collection program and replacing it with a more restrictive measure to keep the records in phone companies' hands.