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Stories with subject: Constitutional amendments
  • Judge's rewrite of ballot title is final, attorneys argue 
    Updated: Jun-01-15 7:41 pm

    JACKSON, Mississippi - The Mississippi attorney general's office and attorneys for an Oxford parent say there's no legal right for anyone - including legislators - to appeal a circuit judge's rewriting of a short description for one of the two school funding proposals on the ballot this November.

  • Campaign seeks to put Nebraska's death penalty on the ballot 
    Updated: Jun-01-15 6:04 pm

    LINCOLN, Nebraska - Death penalty supporters on Monday announced a campaign to ask voters to reinstate capital punishment in Nebraska after lawmakers voted to abolish it.

  • Maine Republicans deeply divided over potential budget deal 
    Updated: Jun-01-15 2:30 pm

    AUGUSTA, Maine - A potential state budget deal crafted by the leaders in Maine's Democrat-controlled House and GOP-led Senate that would lower the sales tax and make it harder for future lawmakers to raise income taxes revealed deep divisions within the Republican Party on Monday.

  • Constitutional amendment may pump billions into Texas roads 
    Updated: May-30-15 3:40 pm

    AUSTIN, Texas - The Texas Legislature has approved a sweeping plan to potentially boost transportation funding by billions of dollars - hoping to bolster the state's traffic-clogged roads and highways.

  • LePage vows to veto Democratic bills until tax plan passes 
    Updated: May-29-15 5:32 pm

    AUGUSTA, Maine - Republican Gov. Paul LePage vowed Friday to veto every Democratic-sponsored bill that gets to his desk for the rest of the time he's in office unless the Legislature agrees to let residents weigh in on whether to get rid of the income tax.

  • Texas House OKs ending Austin residency rule for politicians 
    Updated: May-27-15 7:04 pm

    AUSTIN, Texas - The Texas House has passed a proposed state constitutional amendment that would allow statewide officeholders to live somewhere other than Austin.

  • What does Ireland vote say about US debate on gay marriage? 
    Updated: May-25-15 6:14 pm

    NEW YORK - Ireland's national referendum on same-sex marriage, which was approved by 62 percent of the voters, comes just weeks ahead of an expected ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on whether to legalize gay marriage throughout the United States. A look at some of the parallels and contrasts in the two countries' situations:

  • 'Bold' Ireland votes to legalize gay marriage in landslide story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-23-15 6:25 pm

    DUBLIN - Ireland's citizens have voted in a landslide to legalize gay marriage, electoral officials announced Saturday - a stunningly lopsided result that illustrates what Catholic leaders and rights activists alike called a "social revolution."

  • Hunting constitutional amendment clears Texas Legislature 
    Updated: May-20-15 1:23 pm

    AUSTIN, Texas - The Texas Legislature has approved a proposed state constitutional amendment guaranteeing citizens' right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife.

  • Oregon House asks voters for authority to impeach governor 
    Updated: May-19-15 6:41 pm

    SALEM, Oregon - Oregon voters may be deciding whether state legislators should have power to impeach the governor and other elected officials from the executive branch after the state House approved a resolution Tuesday sending a proposed constitutional amendment to the ballot in 2016.

  • Key events in Egypt since the 2011 uprising 
    Updated: May-16-15 1:34 pm

    Here are some key events from more than four years of turmoil and transition in Egypt:

  • Bills on breastfeeding, booze sales move through Legislature 
    Updated: May-16-15 9:20 am

    CONCORD, New Hampshire - Talk of the state budget has dominated the 2015 legislative session in New Hampshire, with other high-profile items such as casino gambling and changes to the state's marijuana laws occasionally stealing the spotlight.

  • Time limits on ballot language challenges sent to governor 
    Updated: May-15-15 2:32 pm

    JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri - The Missouri Legislature sent Gov. Jay Nixon a measure Friday that supporters say would make things easier for county clerks and prevent reprinting costs when ballot measures are changed by courts close to an election.

  • Ohio's auditor takes aim at special-interest ballot issues 
    Updated: May-14-15 6:32 pm

    COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio's auditor wants to ban certain amendments to the state Constitution and is seeking a state constitutional amendment to do so.

  • Mining company completes test drilling on NY-owned site 
    Updated: May-12-15 2:49 pm

    ALBANY, New York - A mining company has completed test drilling on state-owned Adirondack Forest Preserve land that was the subject of a voter-approved state constitutional amendment in 2013.

  • Turkish coup leader, former president, Evren dies at 97 
    Updated: May-10-15 12:41 am

    ANKARA, Turkey - Kenan Evren, the general who led Turkey's 1980 military coup that ended years of street-clashes between rival left- and right-wing militias and but also unleashed a wave of arrests, torture and extrajudicial killings died on Saturday. He was 97.

  • Former Turkish president, coup leader, Evren dies at 97 
    Updated: May-09-15 6:11 pm

    ANKARA, Turkey - Kenan Evren, the Turkish general who led a 1980 coup that ended years of violence but whose rule unleashed a wave of arrests, torture and extrajudicial killings, died on Saturday. He was 97.

  • Malloy wants lawmakers to pass transportation lockbox bill 
    Updated: May-08-15 5:59 pm

    HARTFORD, Connecticut - Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is urging state lawmakers in the final weeks of this year's legislative session to pass his version of a bill that would ensure transportation revenues are spent only on transportation projects.

  • Proposal 1's defeat most lopsided under modern constitution 
    Updated: May-06-15 4:07 pm

    LANSING, Michigan - Michigan's road-funding ballot measure didn't just go down to defeat. It failed by a historically high margin.

  • Pennsylvania House votes to cut own ranks, trim Senate 
    Updated: May-05-15 7:23 pm

    HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania state representatives took a step Tuesday toward trimming dozens of members from the Legislature, the latest move in a campaign to amend the state constitution that for several years has frustrated its supporters.

  • Snyder makes final push for voters to approve tax increase 
    Updated: May-04-15 6:01 pm

    LANSING, Michigan - Gov. Rick Snyder wrapped up a road tour Monday urging voters to approve a tax increase that would generate $1.2 billion a year more for roads, saying the tax hike is needed to ensure safer roads.

  • Legislature OKs bill to add right to hunt to constitution 
    Updated: May-04-15 4:25 pm

    CARSON CITY, Nevada - A proposed Nevada constitutional amendment preserving the right to hunt, trap and fish has been approved by the Legislature and is one step closer to becoming law.