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Stories with subject: Medical technology
  • Device, drug firms spent $3.8M in Treasure Valley in 2014 
    Updated: May-29-16 12:32 pm

    BOISE, Idaho - Robert Wechsler calls himself "the Rain Man of epilepsy for Idaho." A neurologist who specializes in seizure disorders, Wechlser also says that because of his work with the pharmaceutical industry, he is something of a "hired gun ... who comes in and talks about a drug."

  • Yakama Nation students find success with prosthetics story has photos
    Updated: May-29-16 10:51 am

    YAKIMA, Washington - In a building just outside the main Yakama Nation Tribal School, its MESA prosthetics team has turned a classroom into a workshop.

  • FDA approves first drug-oozing implant to control addiction 
    Updated: May-26-16 7:01 pm

    WASHINGTON - Federal health officials on Thursday approved an innovative new option for Americans struggling with addiction to heroin and painkillers: a drug-oozing implant that curbs craving and withdrawal symptoms for six months at a time.

  • 12-year-old California student ready to start university 
    Updated: May-22-16 7:28 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - A 12-year-old Sacramento student who already has three community college degrees and has been accepted to two University of California campuses says he plans on studying biomedical engineering and becoming a doctor and medical researcher by the time he turns 18.

  • Company to pay up to $7.8M over contaminated syringes 
    Updated: May-19-16 12:05 pm

    BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania - A Pennsylvania drug and medical device manufacturer has agreed to pay up to $7.8 million for selling contaminated syringes, federal prosecutors say.

  • Hospital opens pet-friendly center for young patients 
    Updated: May-18-16 5:14 pm

    ST. LOUIS - St. Louis Children's Hospital is opening a new center that will allow young patients enduring long hospital stays to reunite with their pets.

  • In utero keepsakes record heartbeats, flood baby market 
    Updated: May-15-16 9:01 am

    BEAR, Delaware - At bedtime, Julian Buller bids goodnight to the furry friends sharing his bed: Mickey Mouse and the bowtie-clad puppy stuffed with his little brother's heartbeat.

  • Purdue team gives baseball player new foot 
    Updated: May-11-16 5:01 am

    LAFAYETTE, Indiana - Alex Morgan can't remember if he even liked baseball when his parents first enrolled him in T-ball.

  • High-tech devices take cheating to new level in Thai schools story has photos
    Updated: May-11-16 3:50 am

    BANGKOK - Glasses with embedded cameras and smartwatches with stored information seem like regular spy equipment for the likes of James Bond, but for three students applying to medical school in Thailand, they were high-technology cheating devices.

  • FDA will require e-cigarettes and contents to be reviewed story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-05-16 5:53 pm

    WASHINGTON - The federal government announced sweeping new rules Thursday for electronic cigarettes that will for the first time require the devices and their ingredients to be reviewed, a mandate that could offer protection for consumers and upend a multibillion dollar industry that has gone largely unregulated.

  • Clean methods only for Russia in Rio, top medic tells Putin 
    Updated: May-05-16 10:35 am

    MOSCOW - The head of Russia's state medical agency has told President Vladimir Putin that Russian athletes will use "clean technologies only" in preparing for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Robot stitches tissue by itself, a step to more automated OR story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-04-16 8:39 pm

    WASHINGTON - Getting stitched up by Dr. Robot may one day be reality: Scientists have created a robotic system that did just that in living animals without a real doctor pulling the strings.

  • DocuTap sells majority stake to global private equity firm 
    Updated: May-04-16 2:46 pm

    SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota - Sioux Falls-based electronic medical records company DocuTap said it has sold a majority stake to global private equity firm Warburg Pincus.