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Stories with subject: Civil wars
  • new storyEU committing $645 million to Colombia's peacebuilding 
    Updated: May-27-16 7:49 am

    BRUSSELS - The European Union has committed to provide Colombia with a package of 575 million euros ($645 million) to help the nation recover from a half century of civil war.

  • new storyIS grabs territory from Syrian rebels near Turkish border 
    Updated: May-27-16 7:26 am

    BEIRUT - Militants of the Islamic State group on Friday seized at least six villages from Syrian rebels near the Turkish border in rapid advances that forced the evacuation of a crucial hospital amid heavy fighting in the area, Syrian opposition activists and an international medical organization said.

  • Syria's refugee crisis focus of interactive exhibit story has photos
    Updated: May-25-16 12:49 am

    BOSTON - What's it like to flee Syria as a refugee?

  • Refugees and scholars: Colleges offer war-torn a route to US story has photos
    Updated: May-24-16 2:48 pm

    BOSTON - Colleges in the U.S. are opening their doors - and their financial aid - to Syrian refugees.

  • The Latest: Russia denies losing helicopters at Syrian base story has photos
    Updated: May-24-16 10:10 am

    BEIRUT - The Latest on the violence in Syria a day after deadly attacks claimed by the Islamic State group targeted government strongholds (all times local):

  • Hospitals a deadly target in Middle East conflicts story has photos
    Updated: May-23-16 4:03 am

    BEIRUT - As one of the few pediatricians remaining in the Syrian city of Aleppo, Dr. Mohammed Wassim Maaz offered hope to tens of thousands of children and their parents trapped in the horror and misery of the five-year civil war. But last month, an airstrike widely believed to have been carried out by the Syrian government destroyed the al Quds hospital where he worked, killing Maaz and dozens of colleagues, patients and other civilians.

  • Hospital attack caught on camera shows cost of Syrian war 
    Updated: May-23-16 2:56 am

    BEIRUT - In the final minutes of his life, Dr. Mohammed Wassim Maaz was making late-night rounds at the children's ward at Quds Hospital in Syria's northern city of Aleppo. Closed-circuit video showed him padding down a corridor in his green scrubs before disappearing off-camera.

  • Hezbollah credits slain commander for Syrian forces' gains 
    Updated: May-20-16 1:10 pm

    BEIRUT - The Lebanese militant Hezbollah group has credited its slain top military commander for the recent advances made by Syrian government forces.

  • In Yemen's war, untreated cancer patients wait for death 
    Updated: May-19-16 2:22 am

    TAIZ, Yemen - When Ali Ghanem's doctors told him his cancer had spread from his colon to his backbone, they said they didn't have the facilities to give him the needed radiation treatment in his home city of Taiz, in central Yemen, and that he needed to get to the capital.

  • Rebels and Syrian government swap prisoners outside Aleppo 
    Updated: May-17-16 4:05 pm

    BEIRUT - Syrian rebels and government forces exchanged prisoners and dead fighters Tuesday near the divided city of Aleppo, the scene of some of the country's fiercest fighting in recent months.

  • Modest goals set in bid to save Syria truce, peace talks story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-17-16 11:33 am

    VIENNA - Seeking to salvage and reinforce a shaky truce, world and regional powers agreed Tuesday to try to turn the faltering pause in fighting into a comprehensive cease-fire and boost humanitarian aid deliveries with the hope of restarting peace talks.

  • The 'untouchables' of Yemen caught in crossfire of war story has photos
    Updated: May-17-16 10:41 am

    SANAA, Yemen - They are Yemen's untouchables.

  • Refugee mentors fill family roles 
    Updated: May-14-16 11:08 am

    TWIN FALLS, Idaho - Beatrice Bahati warmed herself in the sun at a park Feb. 16, the first day pleasant enough to hint at the return of spring to Twin Falls.

  • In Greek seaside resort, refugees see dreams put on hold 
    Updated: May-14-16 6:26 am

    MYRSINI, Greece - At the end of a long, straight road on the coastal flats between the southern Greek village of Myrsini and the Ionian Sea sits a refugee shelter that could have popped out of a travel brochure.

  • US says diplomats to resume talks on Syria next week 
    Updated: May-10-16 1:20 pm

    LONDON - The world powers working to promote a resolution to Syria's civil war plan to resume talks next week in Vienna, with U.N.-led, indirect peace negotiations between Syria's government and opposition representatives expected to follow some days later, Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday.

  • Obama signs into law new restrictions on Syrian antiquities 
    Updated: May-09-16 3:50 pm

    WASHINGTON - The United States on Monday stepped up efforts to stop the Islamic State's trade in looted antiquities as President Barack Obama signed into law new import restrictions on Syrian cultural artifacts.

  • Rival assaults on IS stronghold deepen Libya's chaos 
    Updated: May-06-16 1:46 pm

    CAIRO - From east and west, the forces of Libya's rival powers are each moving on the city of Sirte, vowing to free it from the hold of the Islamic State group. The danger is they could very well fight each other as well.

  • Israeli cowboys live frontier life on Syria's doorstep story has photos
    Updated: May-06-16 4:37 am

    KIDMAT ZVI, Golan Heights - With his wide-brimmed hat, Wrangler jeans and ornate belt buckle, Yehiel Alon could easily pass for one of the Montana ranchers he once worked with. But the 53-year-old is an Israeli cowboy on the Golan Heights bordering war-torn Syria, where frontier life takes on a whole new meaning.

  • The Latest: UN Security Council to hold meeting on Aleppo story has photos
    Updated: May-03-16 10:02 pm

    BEIRUT - The Latest on Syria's civil war and the escalating violence in the contested northern city of Aleppo (all times local):

  • Kerry warns Assad to start transition by Aug. 1 - or else 
    Updated: May-03-16 4:08 pm

    WASHINGTON - Secretary of State John Kerry warned Syria's government and its backers in Moscow and Tehran on Tuesday that they face an August deadline for starting a political transition to move President Bashar Assad out, or they risk the consequences of a new U.S. approach toward ending the 5-year-old civil war.

  • Kerry seeks path to calm in Syria, holds talks in Geneva story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-02-16 10:32 am

    GENEVA - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday said "several proposals" aimed at finding a way to restore at least a partial truce in Syria are being discussed, amid continuing attacks in the city of Aleppo.

  • US once again forced to turn to Russia for help on Syria story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-01-16 4:15 pm

    GENEVA - Scrambling to resuscitate a nearly dead truce in Syria, the Obama administration has again been forced to turn to Russia for help, with little hope for the desired U.S. outcome.

  • Watchdog looks to counter new chemical weapons threats story has photos
    Updated: May-01-16 5:57 am

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands - With about 92 percent of the world's declared chemical weapons stockpiles destroyed, the watchdog agency overseeing the elimination of poison gas and nerve agents is looking now to counter emerging threats from extremist groups while still dealing with unfinished business in Syria.

  • Israel treads carefully with claim to Golan story has photos
    Updated: Apr-28-16 5:06 pm

    JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sparked a new diplomatic brushfire by declaring that the Golan Heights, seized from Syria in the 1967 Mideast war, is and should remain "under Israel's sovereignty permanently."

  • Cruz' ex co-chair in Virginia heads to Syria, praises Assad story has photos
    Updated: Apr-27-16 8:58 pm

    RICHMOND, Virginia - Sen. Ted Cruz's former campaign co-chairman in Virginia has traveled to Syria and promised support for the government of President Bashar Assad, who U.S. officials have repeatedly said has lost the legitimacy to rule the war-torn country.