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Stories with subject: Currency markets
  • new storyWorld markets drop after bleak Chinese industry report story has photos
    Updated: Sep-01-15 7:25 am

    TOKYO - Global stock markets fell sharply Tuesday and Wall Street was set to open lower as gloomy economic data from China and Japan augured further uncertainty for investors after a brutal August.

  • Wobbly euro economy may get bigger push from central bank story has photos
    Updated: Sep-01-15 5:28 am

    FRANKFURT, Germany - When is a trillion euros not enough? Could be soon, in Europe's shaky economy.

  • Investors are fleeing once-popular emerging markets story has photos
    Updated: Aug-31-15 3:32 pm

    NEW YORK - If you think investors in U.S. stocks have had it rough, consider the hapless folks who followed Wall Street's advice to buy emerging-market stocks.

  • Japan reports inflation, household spending soften in July story has photos
    Updated: Aug-28-15 2:16 am

    TOKYO - The backdrop to the wild drama in financial markets over the past few weeks is a less dramatic but more daunting reality: the deep-seated challenges for sustaining long-term growth, especially for aging economies like Japan's.

  • China's Xi staying the course despite sliding economy story has photos
    Updated: Aug-26-15 9:22 am

    BEIJING - What does China's leadership lose politically as a result of the country's precipitous stock market decline? A bit of international swagger, but probably not much else - for now.

  • China cuts interest rates again to spur economic growth 
    Updated: Aug-25-15 10:22 am

    BEIJING - China cut interest rates for a fifth time in nine months Tuesday in a new effort to shore up slowing economic growth, and its top economic official tried to dispel fears its yuan might fall further in value.

  • Russian ruble collapses to 7-month low on weak oil prices story has photos
    Updated: Aug-24-15 1:05 pm

    MOSCOW - The Russian ruble plunged 2.9 percent on Monday to hit a seven-month low amid a further drop in oil prices, the country's key export.

  • South African currency hits record lows 
    Updated: Aug-24-15 12:32 pm

    JOHANNESBURG - The prospects of rising interest rates in the United States, coupled with a downturn in the Chinese economy contributed to the South African currency's record drop on Monday, said economists.

  • Kazakh currency recovers somewhat after massive plunge 
    Updated: Aug-24-15 8:44 am

    MOSCOW - Kazakhstan's currency recovered some of last week's massive losses against the dollar on Monday, with a rise of over 10 percent Monday.

  • Sinking currencies point to jitters about emerging economies story has photos
    Updated: Aug-21-15 6:07 pm

    WASHINGTON - The damage spans the globe.

  • Japan's finance minister warns China on currency moves 
    Updated: Aug-21-15 5:37 am

    TOKYO - Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said Friday that recent moves by China to allow its currency to depreciate are a concern and could pose problems for Tokyo.

  • Mexico's Treasury lowers GDP growth forecast, to 2-2.8 pct 
    Updated: Aug-20-15 6:37 pm

    MEXICO CITY - The Mexican Treasury Department on Thursday lowered its economic growth forecast for 2015 to between 2 percent and 2.8 percent.

  • Kazakhstan currency plunges after free-float decision 
    Updated: Aug-20-15 7:46 am

    MOSCOW - Kazakhstan currency plunged by over 20 percent against the dollar on Thursday after the government decided to move to a free float to cope with big swings in global currencies and commodity prices.

  • 5 factors that could forestall a Fed rate hike in September 
    Updated: Aug-20-15 12:07 am

    WASHINGTON - Thanks to a strengthening U.S. economy, four weeks from now the Federal Reserve is widely expected to engineer its first interest rate hike in nearly a decade. Rates on loans throughout the economy could eventually rise as well.

  • Mexican peso hits lowest level against the US dollar 
    Updated: Aug-19-15 9:28 pm

    MEXICO CITY - The Mexican peso has hit its lowest level ever against the dollar Wednesday, trading an average of 16.52 on the interbank market, the Bank of Mexico said.

  • Vietnam devalues currency by 1 percent after Chinese move 
    Updated: Aug-19-15 5:16 am

    HANOI, Vietnam - Vietnam allowed its currency to weaken by at least 1 percent Wednesday following the devaluation of the Chinese yuan and the expectation of a possible U.S interest rate hike.

  • Japan trade deficit widens as export growth slows story has photos
    Updated: Aug-19-15 1:22 am

    TOKYO - Japan's trade deficit widened to its largest level in five months in July, adding to worries over the recovery amid weakening demand in China for chemicals, machinery and electronics.

  • From bananas to phones: How cheaper yuan could reverberate 
    Updated: Aug-14-15 6:55 am

    HONG KONG - China's unexpected move this week to lower the value of its tightly-leashed currency, the yuan, sent shockwaves through global financial markets. The impact on consumers around the world and China's neighbors will take longer to play out but possible winners and losers are already emerging.

  • US lawmakers quick to criticize China on currency drop story has photos
    Updated: Aug-13-15 11:10 am

    WASHINGTON - U.S. lawmakers have been quick to condemn the sudden drop in the value of Chinese currency as damaging for American businesses and workers, reviving an issue that once was one of the biggest sources of tension between the two world powers.

  • China tries to quell fears of more big devaluations story has photos
    Updated: Aug-13-15 1:16 am

    BEIJING - China tried Thursday to quell fears its yuan would fall further, saying it is close to market levels following declines that sparked fears of a "currency war" if other governments respond by pushing down their own exchange rates.

  • As Chinese yuan falls more, some see little cause for alarm 
    Updated: Aug-12-15 3:53 pm

    WASHINGTON - A free-falling Chinese currency could make China's goods cheaper for foreigners, squeeze Western companies, discourage Chinese tourism, increase China's exports and complicate the Federal Reserve's decision on whether to raise American interest rates.

  • Indonesian president reshuffles Cabinet to boost economy 
    Updated: Aug-12-15 10:19 am

    JAKARTA, Indonesia - Indonesia's president announced a Cabinet reshuffle Wednesday, replacing key economic ministers with the aim of speeding up infrastructure spending to revive sputtering growth and stabilize the sliding rupiah.

  • Q&A: What yuan devaluation means for China, other countries story has photos
    Updated: Aug-11-15 11:37 pm

    BEIJING - China rattled global financial markets by devaluing its currency in what it said was an effort to make its exchange rate more market-oriented. The yuan's value declined 1.9 percent on Tuesday, its biggest one-day drop in a decade, and dropped a further 1.6 percent on Wednesday. The move could help Chinese companies by making their products less expensive in global markets. U.S. stocks sank, partly on fears about a worsening economic slowdown in China.

  • Argentine president's successor candidate wins primaries story has photos
    Updated: Aug-10-15 3:01 pm

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - President Cristina Fernandez's chosen successor easily won Argentina's open primaries, but the results Monday underscored that October's election is still up for grabs and voters remain deeply divided about who could best tackle the country's myriad economic problems.

  • Rio Olympics: 1 year away and mayor says all will be ready story has photos
    Updated: Aug-05-15 3:02 pm

    RIO DE JANEIRO - Exactly one year ahead of the start of Rio de Janeiro's Olympics, Mayor Eduardo Paes said on Wednesday that all the venues are running on schedule and will be delivered in time for next year's games - a feat he compared to a "miracle."