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Stories with subject: Personal finance
  • Tech Tips: Windows 10 privacy settings worth checking 
    Updated: Sep-01-15 3:13 am

    SAN FRANCISCO - Microsoft's new Windows 10 system offers more personalization than before, but it also collects more data than people might be used to on PCs, from contacts and appointments to their physical location and even Wi-Fi passwords.

  • Investors are fleeing once-popular emerging markets story has photos
    Updated: Aug-31-15 3:32 pm

    NEW YORK - If you think investors in U.S. stocks have had it rough, consider the hapless folks who followed Wall Street's advice to buy emerging-market stocks.

  • Analysis: Holes and worries emerge in Louisiana's budget 
    Updated: Aug-30-15 4:46 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - As lawmakers patched their way through this year's budget, many of them talked as if they had drawn up a six-month plan, fully expecting Louisiana's next governor to come in with a broader blueprint for fixing the state's financial mess.

  • Illinois investigates parole board members' bankruptcies 
    Updated: Aug-30-15 1:44 pm

    BELLEVILLE, Illinois - Illinois is investigating bankruptcy filings by two state parole board members after recent newspaper reports highlighting the personal financial problems of several political appointees.

  • State says lease payments to end soon on idle rail cars 
    Updated: Aug-30-15 12:34 pm

    LANSING, Michigan - Michigan has reached an agreement with a railroad to end $3,000-a-day lease payments on train cars that are resting in a rail yard, an official said.

  • How do schools calculate new stipends for college athletes? 
    Updated: Aug-30-15 10:50 am

    For the first time, the NCAA is allowing college athletes to receive money in their scholarships to cover the so-called cost of attendance, those expenses beyond tuition, room and board, books and fees that come with attending school.

  • Amnesty program for delinquent Missouri taxpayers to begin 
    Updated: Aug-30-15 10:41 am

    JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri - Hundreds of thousands of delinquent Missouri taxpayers will get the chance to pay back taxes without penalties or interest as part of a temporary amnesty program that's expected to bring in about $75 million.

  • Memphis woman teaches Girl Scout troop life skills 
    Updated: Aug-29-15 2:58 pm

    MEMPHIS, Tennessee - The Pink Eagles are like a Girl Scouts troop created just for Memphis. For the past seven years, the nonprofit has helped area girls ages 5 to 19 build self-confidence, leadership skills and financial literacy. The weekly meetings and seasonal events are free for the participants thanks to the leadership of founder Loretta McNary.

  • Pair of southwest Ohio colleges await accreditation status 
    Updated: Aug-29-15 11:27 am

    WILBERFORCE, Ohio - Two small higher education institutions in southwestern Ohio are waiting to learn their accreditation status, necessary for students to be eligible for certain types of financial aid.

  • Recalls this week: Rotary tools, mowers, bicycles 
    Updated: Aug-28-15 2:07 pm

    A line of rotary tools that can overheat and melt are among this week's recalled consumer products. Other products being recalled include mowers with leaky gas tanks and defective bicycles.

  • A Q&A with Wall Street's top psychiatrist on market turmoil 
    Updated: Aug-28-15 12:48 pm

    NEW YORK - When it seems like the stock market has lost its mind, big banks and investment firms often turn to one particular psychiatrist: Richard Peterson, CEO of MarketPsych, a firm that applies research from behavioral science to financial markets.

  • ACLU sues to block sweeping Nevada education funding program 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 8:56 pm

    CARSON CITY, Nevada - A Nevada education funding program that's considered the nation's broadest school choice initiative attracted its first legal challenge Thursday, with three civil liberties groups saying it violates the state constitution by releasing public funds to religious schools.

  • Advocacy group's CEO sees new issues with Kansas welfare law 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 8:50 pm

    TOPEKA, Kansas - Parts of Kansas' new welfare law appear to conflict with federal rules for state child care programs, potentially jeopardizing more than $40 million a year in federal funds, an advocacy group's leader said Thursday.

  • Rate increases approved for individual health care market 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 8:20 pm

    JUNEAU, Alaska - Alaska's Division of Insurance has approved average rate increases for next year of nearly 40 percent for the two companies providing individual health insurance plans through the federally run online marketplace.

  • AP EXCLUSIVE: Chairman promises review of unspent charity story has photos
    Updated: Aug-27-15 7:07 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - Nearly $10 million in charitable donations by California taxpayers sat unspent in government accounts at the end of last year, The Associated Press has found, and the Senate Governance and Finance Committee chairman said Thursday that he wants a review of state accounts and will hold a hearing to find out why the money hasn't been spent.

  • Washington health insurance rates to go up 4.2 percent 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 6:46 pm

    SEATTLE - People who buy their health insurance on the Washington Healthplanfinder exchange can expect an average 4.2 percent increase in their rates in 2016.

  • You can't control much, but you can control investment fees 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 2:13 pm

    NEW YORK - Do the stock market's big swings have you feeling helpless?

  • Amputees decry Medicare payment overhaul for artificial feet story has photos
    Updated: Aug-27-15 1:27 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Obama administration is trying to disentangle itself from another controversy over Medicare coverage. Amputees are protesting this time, fearing they'll be denied the latest technology for artificial legs and feet.

  • Christmas in August: Wal-Mart's holiday layaway comes early 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 9:35 am

    NEW YORK - Wal-Mart is giving customers a head start on holiday shopping, launching its annual layaway program two weeks earlier than last year.

  • Review: New phones, tablets keep Samsung at Android helm 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 3:19 am

    NEW YORK - Samsung's new smartphones and tablets might not offer enough to entice current iPhone and iPad users to switch, but they keep Samsung at the head of the class among Android gadget makers.

  • Oregonians will get $402 million in 'kicker' rebates 
    Updated: Aug-26-15 7:28 pm

    SALEM, Oregon - Oregon will send $402 million back to taxpayers next year after the state collected more than expected in personal-income taxes over the last two years, state economists said Wednesday.

  • Despite stock fall, financial health of many is still solid story has photos
    Updated: Aug-26-15 10:10 am

    WASHINGTON - Many Americans have just absorbed a financial beating - at least as measured by their stock holdings. It's the kind of blow that can feed a sense of helplessness about retirement, college savings and higher-than-expected bills.

  • On Mississippi's shore, what Katrina erased not yet replaced story has photos
    Updated: Aug-26-15 5:16 am

    LONG BEACH, Mississippi - Between Mississippi's seashore and the railroad tracks a little ways inland, where Hurricane Katrina all but erased a neighborhood 10 years ago, Efrem Garza and a handful of other homeowners are still resettling a frontier.

  • Take a deep breath: Experts advise calm in this crazy market 
    Updated: Aug-25-15 4:19 pm

    NEW YORK - Don't do anything rash.

  • Taxpayers facing $2.3 million tab in same-sex marriage case 
    Updated: Aug-25-15 11:13 am

    LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Attorneys who successfully challenged Kentucky's ban on same-sex marriage have submitted a bill for more than $2 million in legal fees, court costs and related expenses. The state of Kentucky, as the losing party in the case, gets stuck with the tab under federal civil-rights law.