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Stories with subject: Atmospheric science
  • Texas environmental agency paid millions for smog research 
    Updated: Jun-27-15 6:02 pm

    HOUSTON - Texas environmental officials are paying consulting firms more than $2.6 million for research that supports the claim that tightening the ozone standard would cost Texans billions and have little to no impact on public health.

  • Smithsonian to improve ethics policies on research funding 
    Updated: Jun-26-15 6:37 pm

    After revelations that a scientist failed to disclose his funding sources for climate change research, the Smithsonian Institution said Friday it is improving its ethics and disclosure policies to avoid conflicts of interest.

  • Study looks at ties to Great Salt Lake's dry lakebeds, smog 
    Updated: Jun-26-15 1:21 pm

    SALT LAKE CITY - Utah government and university researchers are launching a study to determine what role, if any, the Great Salt Lake plays in the formation of the ground-level smog.

  • Wildfires blister Alaska with increased frequency, intensity story has photos
    Updated: Jun-24-15 9:25 pm

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Alaska residents endure the nation's harshest winters for the reward of beautiful summer days with sunshine that lingers until midnight.

  • Landmark Dutch ruling: Cut emissions to protect citizens story has photos
    Updated: Jun-24-15 2:13 pm

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands - A Dutch court ordered the government Wednesday to slash greenhouse gas emissions to help fight global warming, a landmark ruling in a case brought by hundreds of concerned citizens that could pave the way for similar legal battles around the world.

  • Study: Weather patterns that bring heatwaves happening more 
    Updated: Jun-24-15 2:08 pm

    WASHINGTON - Daily weather patterns have changed in recent decades, making eastern North America, Europe and western Asia more prone to nastier summer heatwaves that go beyond global warming, a new study finds.

  • Home efficiency upgrades fall short, don't pay: Study story has photos
    Updated: Jun-23-15 5:37 pm

    NEW YORK - Home efficiency measures such as installing new windows or replacing insulation deliver such a small fraction of their promised energy savings that they may not save any money over the long run, according to the surprising conclusion of a University of Chicago study.

  • Top doctors' prescription for feverish planet: Cut out coal 
    Updated: Jun-22-15 7:08 pm

    WASHINGTON - Some top international doctors and public health experts have issued an urgent prescription for a feverish planet Earth: Get off coal as soon as possible.

  • Study: Tropical climate extremes kept dinosaurs at bay 
    Updated: Jun-19-15 5:05 am

    SALT LAKE CITY - Intense heat. Drought. Wildly extreme weather accompanied by wildfires.

  • Pope challenges world to clean up its filth story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-19-15 3:55 am

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis' plea to make the state of the environment a central moral issue of our age has been greeted with applause from climate activists and a wide range of church, science and government leaders, but dismissive shrugs from those who doubt climate change.

  • THE LATEST: Filipino activists encouraged by pope's message story has photos
    Updated: Jun-18-15 8:02 am

    13:57 p.m. (1157 GMT), 7:57 a.m. EDT)

  • Highlights of the pope's case for environmental protection 
    Updated: Jun-18-15 6:11 am

    NEW YORK - In a high-level, 190-page document released Thursday, Pope Francis lays out his theological argument on the imperative to curb climate change and protect the environment. He describes ongoing human damage to nature as "one small sign of the ethical, cultural and spiritual crisis of modernity." The solution, he says, will require self-sacrifice and a "bold cultural revolution" worldwide.

  • Correction: California Climate Change story 
    Updated: Jun-17-15 5:22 pm

    LOS ANGELES - In a story June 15 and a related story June 5 about climate change, The Associated Press reported erroneously the year by which California Gov. Jerry Brown wants half the state's electricity to come from renewable sources. The year is 2030, not 2050.

  • What countries have offered for Paris climate agreement story has photos
    Updated: Jun-10-15 4:13 pm

    BONN, Germany - Ethiopia on Wednesday became the latest country to present a plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions for a global climate pact that's supposed to be adopted in Paris later this year.

  • Farmers adapt and union recognizes effects of climate change 
    Updated: Jun-08-15 8:10 pm

    HELENA, Montana - The Montana Farmers Union launched an initiative this month to educate its 11,000 members about the effects of global warming in Montana, where early signs may be decreasing snowpack and resilient weeds and pests.

  • G7 climate vision requires gargantuan economic shift story has photos
    Updated: Jun-08-15 5:52 pm

    STOCKHOLM - When leaders of the Group of Seven wealthy countries pledge to "decarbonize" the global economy, they're talking about a shift so dramatic that one analyst described it as a new Apollo mission.

  • Untouched cave to provide clues to Black Hills history 
    Updated: Jun-07-15 12:34 pm

    SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota - The National Park Service is beginning to excavate the mouth of an unexplored cave in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and researchers believe it could help broaden our understanding of how the region's climate has changed over thousands of years.

  • Scientists targeted for cuts have studied GOP issues 
    Updated: Jun-07-15 10:11 am

    MADISON, Wisconsin - The group of state Department of Natural Resources scientists that Republican lawmakers targeted for cuts has been working on a number of politically charged issues in recent years, including climate change, pollution and mining.

  • New fed data shows no stopping or slowing of global warming 
    Updated: Jun-04-15 2:03 pm

    WASHINGTON - Global warming has not stopped or even slowed in the past 18 years, according to a new federal study that rebuts doubters who've claimed that that heating trends have paused.

  • Oklahoma's first teacher climate summit set for July 28-29 
    Updated: Jun-02-15 3:11 am

    NORMAN, Oklahoma - In-depth climate science curriculum and activities will be showcased for Oklahoma's classroom teachers at the state's first teacher climate summit.