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Stories with subject: Immigration
  • Some immigrant students face doubt over Missouri college aid 
    Updated: Jul-27-15 7:47 pm

    JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri - With the fall semester set to begin in weeks for many Missouri colleges and universities, students whose parents brought them illegally to the U.S. still face uncertainty regarding financial aid for the upcoming school year.

  • Lawyers: immigrant mothers coerced to wear ankle monitors 
    Updated: Jul-27-15 7:07 pm

    SAN ANTONIO - Lawyers representing immigrant mothers held in a South Texas detention center say the women have been denied counsel and coerced into accepting ankle-monitoring bracelets as a condition of release, even after judges made clear that paying their bonds would suffice.

  • Judge: Immigrant kids should be freed from family detention 
    Updated: Jul-27-15 5:29 pm

    LOS ANGELES - A federal judge has ruled that immigrant children arriving on the U.S. border with their mothers should not be detained in secure detention facilities. But experts say it isn't entirely clear when they might get out.

  • NYC mayor: 400,000 people have obtained municipal ID cards 
    Updated: Jul-27-15 5:13 pm

    NEW YORK - Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday that about 400,000 people have obtained New York City's municipal ID card since the program was rolled out six months ago - including immigrants lacking legal documentation.

  • Hispanics energized by Argentinian pope's first visit to US story has photos
    Updated: Jul-27-15 4:36 pm

    NEW YORK - Vianel Garcia told family members they could sleep on the floor of her East Harlem hair salon when Pope Francis visits the city in September so they can try to catch a glimpse of him when he makes a stop at a school across from her business.

  • Federal, metro governments settle immigration suit for $310K 
    Updated: Jul-27-15 3:40 pm

    NASHVILLE, Tennessee - Five years after immigration agents and local police raided a south Nashville apartment complex, the federal and Nashville governments have agreed to pay $310,000 to 14 people who sued over constitutional violations.

  • Correction: Immigration-Family Detention story 
    Updated: Jul-27-15 3:37 pm

    LOS ANGELES - In a story July 24 about the detention of immigrant children, The Associated Press reported erroneously which federal government agency was found to be in violation of a previous settlement involving the detention of immigrant children. The agency was the Department of Homeland Security, not the Department of Justice. The story also reported erroneously how long the judge gave the government to respond regarding the possibility of an injunction. It was one week, not 90 days.

  • Blast damages pro-immigrant German councilor's car 
    Updated: Jul-27-15 10:35 am

    BERLIN - German police said Monday they were investigating an early-morning explosion that damaged the car of a left-wing politician who had been working in support of refugees in a Dresden suburb that has seen anti-immigrant demonstrations.

  • Attorney sentenced in immigration, bank fraud cases 
    Updated: Jul-26-15 5:31 pm

    LOS ANGELES - Prosecutors say a Newport Beach attorney has been sentenced to federal prison for his role in a scam that targeted immigrants in the country illegally who were being held in detention and awaiting possible deportation.

  • Hungary's Orban says illegal immigration threatens Europe 
    Updated: Jul-25-15 8:16 am

    BUDAPEST, Hungary - Illegal immigration is a threat to Hungary and all of Europe, with the biggest risk coming from hundreds of millions of people from the "depths of Africa" looking to escape poverty, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Saturday.

  • Chris Brown leaves Philippines after ordeal over legal issue story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jul-24-15 8:58 pm

    MANILA, Philippines - Chris Brown finally left the Philippines and performed at a night club in Macau, but not without last-minute complications at the end of a three-day ordeal.

  • International star Omar Sy learns the language of Hollywood story has video
    Updated: Jul-24-15 5:13 pm

    LOS ANGELES - If you live in the United States, you probably don't know Omar Sy by name. But chances are, you've seen him.

  • San Francisco's Chinatown clings to roots amid tech boom story has photos
    Updated: Jul-24-15 1:28 pm

    SAN FRANCISCO - For a century and a half, San Francisco's Chinatown, the nation's oldest, has sheltered waves of immigrants seeking a new life.

  • Motives behind 'sanctuary cities' vary; some fear lawsuits story has photos
    Updated: Jul-24-15 1:25 pm

    HUNTINGTON BEACH, California - The term "sanctuary city" has become a rallying cry for conservative Republicans seeking stiffer immigration laws. They characterize such places as havens where those in the country illegally are protected from immigration authorities.

  • House passes bill to crack down on 'sanctuary cities' story has photos
    Updated: Jul-23-15 10:30 pm

    WASHINGTON - The House passed legislation Thursday cracking down on "sanctuary cities" that shield residents from federal immigration authorities. Angry Democrats accused Republicans of aligning themselves with Donald Trump and his anti-immigrant views, and the White House threatened a veto.

  • Visa issue continues to hinder new Burlington superintendent 
    Updated: Jul-23-15 2:47 pm

    BURLINGTON, Vermont - The Burlington School District has paid more than $20,000 to immigration lawyers in an attempt to secure a visa for its new superintendent.

  • Man sues DMV for refusing to translate, interpret exam 
    Updated: Jul-23-15 12:22 pm

    PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island - An Italian immigrant is suing the Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles for refusing to translate the written driver's license exam or allow for an interpreter.

  • Texas fights immigrants' lawsuit over birth certificates 
    Updated: Jul-22-15 8:17 pm

    SAN ANTONIO - Texas health officials on Wednesday asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit by immigrant parents who were denied birth certificates for their U.S.-born children because local authorities refused to recognize as valid certain forms of identification.

  • Donald Trump wealth details released by federal regulators story has photos
    Updated: Jul-22-15 5:00 pm

    WASHINGTON - Federal election regulators released new details Wednesday about Republican presidential candidate and celebrity businessman Donald Trump's wealth and financial holdings, weeks after he estimated his net worth at roughly $10 billion.

  • Congress pursues legislative changes following pier shooting story has photos
    Updated: Jul-21-15 9:34 pm

    WASHINGTON - Urged on by anguished testimony from the father of a murder victim, Congress plunged into a heated debate over immigration on Tuesday as GOP lawmakers vowed to shut down funding for so-called sanctuary cities like San Francisco that shield immigrants from deportation by federal authorities.

  • San Francisco supervisor stands by sanctuary policies 
    Updated: Jul-21-15 6:21 pm

    SAN FRANCISCO - A San Francisco supervisor is standing by this city's much-criticized sanctuary policies even as he wants the sheriff to rescind an order curtailing staff from talking to federal immigration authorities.

  • Sex offender held in sex-crime case was on immigration bond 
    Updated: Jul-21-15 6:17 pm

    LOS ANGELES - An immigrant in the country illegally who is a registered sex offender is charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl after being freed on bond by the judge overseeing his deportation proceedings, authorities said Tuesday.

  • NYC mayor blasts EU on migration, warns Wall St. on climate 
    Updated: Jul-21-15 4:19 pm

    VATICAN CITY - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio denounced the European Union on Tuesday for leaving Italy to deal with waves of immigration, saying the EU must come up with a Europe-wide immigration policy or stop pretending it's a union.

  • Mexican man leaves Denver church sanctuary after 9 months story has photos
    Updated: Jul-21-15 3:36 pm

    DENVER - A Mexican man who has been living in a Denver church's basement for nine months to avoid deportation walked away Tuesday, saying immigration officials told him he is no longer a priority for deportation.

  • Hungary doubles migrant estimate, 300,000 expected in 2015 
    Updated: Jul-21-15 12:26 pm

    BUDAPEST, Hungary - The Hungarian government says it expects up to 300,000 migrants to reach the country this year, around twice its earlier estimate.