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Stories with subject: Vegetarianism
  • Image of Asia: Lighting candles for Vegetarian Festival 
    Updated: Oct-13-15 8:56 am

    In this photo by Sakchai Lalit, a Thai worker lights giant candles at Sung Heng Ye Chinese temple in Bangkok to mark the beginning of the Vegetarian Festival. Worshippers refrain from eating animal products during the nine-day festival, and also may donate candles to temples, wear white clothing and set off fireworks. It has origins in the Thai-Chinese community, and food sellers often offer special vegetable dishes during this time of the year.

  • Ben Gordon goes vegan for a stint, notices improved energy 
    Updated: Oct-06-15 6:55 pm

    OAKLAND, California - Ben Gordon ate avocados any time of day for their healthy fat, and also fueled his workouts with oatmeal and different juices or nutrient-rich smoothies.

  • Festival celebrating vegan eating going on in DC 
    Updated: Oct-03-15 10:15 am

    WASHINGTON - A free festival celebrating vegan eating is going on in Washington.

  • Vegan lifestyle transforms couple's life 
    Updated: Sep-20-15 3:20 pm

    WINCHESTER, Oregon - Last month, Joe Clyde's neurologist told him he has the slowest-progressing case of Parkinson's disease he's ever seen.