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Stories with subject: Protests and demonstrations
  • The Latest: Palestinians meet UN official to protest attacks story has photos
    Updated: Oct-08-15 4:54 pm

    JERUSALEM - The latest developments in ongoing tensions between Palestinians and Israelis following days of violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank (all times local).

  • Charges dropped against Kentucky gay rights activists 
    Updated: Oct-08-15 4:16 pm

    LOUISVILLE, Kentucky - Prosecutors dismissed charges Thursday against three gay rights activists arrested this summer for standing silently in matching orange T-shirts in protest of an event at the Kentucky State Fair.

  • Amid new attacks, Israel bars ministers from Jerusalem site story has photos
    Updated: Oct-08-15 2:49 pm

    JERUSALEM - A Palestinian stabbed four Israelis with a screwdriver on Thursday before a soldier shot and killed him amid fresh violence that prompted Israel's premier to bar Cabinet ministers and lawmakers from a sensitive Jerusalem holy site at the heart of the latest tensions.

  • Lebanese police use water cannons to disperse protesters 
    Updated: Oct-08-15 1:33 pm

    BEIRUT - Lebanese security forces used water cannons and eventually fired tear gas canisters to disperse dozens of anti-government protesters who tried to get past security barricades and reach parliament.

  • Kosovo opposition disrupts parliament with tear gas 
    Updated: Oct-08-15 12:25 pm

    PRISTINA, Kosovo - Opposition lawmakers in Kosovo disrupted parliament's session on Thursday, using tear gas and whistles to protest the government's recent EU-sponsored deal with Serbia giving the country's Serb-majority areas greater powers.

  • Oil-starved Nepal seeks suppliers to bring fuel by air story has photos
    Updated: Oct-08-15 7:57 am

    KATHMANDU, Nepal - Struggling with a fuel shortage after Indian shipments stopped, Nepal is asking suppliers to bring gasoline and kerosene by airplane before the Himalayan country begins celebrating its biggest festival of the year. And for the first time, it is looking to import fuel from China.

  • Cambodia to increase garment industry minimum wage 
    Updated: Oct-08-15 7:10 am

    PHNOM PENH, Cambodia - Cambodia announced Thursday it will raise the minimum wage for clothing workers by 9.4 percent to $140 a month, hoping to ease tensions in the country's main export industry.

  • Norwegian ambassador not welcomed at Czech presidential seat 
    Updated: Oct-08-15 5:32 am

    PRAGUE - Czech President Milos Zeman has canceled his invitation for the Norwegian ambassador to attend the celebration of a major holiday at the presidential seat.

  • Bernie Sanders to hold rally in Boulder 
    Updated: Oct-08-15 5:02 am

    BOULDER, Colorado - Boulder is gearing up for its first visit by a 2016 presidential candidate as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to hold a rally on the University of Colorado's East Campus.

  • Steve-O of 'Jackass' gets 30 days in jail for SeaWorld stunt story has photos
    Updated: Oct-07-15 7:54 pm

    LOS ANGELES - "Jackass" star Steve-O was sentenced Wednesday to 30 days in jail for climbing at least 100 feet up a crane in Hollywood in a protest against SeaWorld that drew dozens of emergency responders.

  • London Film Festival focuses on women; protests at premiere 
    Updated: Oct-07-15 2:45 pm

    LONDON - The London Film Festival opened Wednesday with "Suffragette," the story of British women who fought for the right to vote - a milestone on a journey to equality that many believe is still unfinished.

  • 100,000 protest in Belgium against free-market measures story has photos
    Updated: Oct-07-15 12:28 pm

    BRUSSELS - Belgian trade unions on Wednesday mobilized about 100,000 workers for the second time in a year to protest the free-market regulations and austerity measures that the center-right government has been pushing through during its first year in office.

  • Nepal government, protesters discuss size of states 
    Updated: Oct-07-15 8:58 am

    KATHMANDU, Nepal - Negotiators from Nepal's government and the main group protesting the country's new constitution discussed the main issue of the size of proposed states on Wednesday, but said little progress was made in their second day of talks.

  • New generation of disillusioned Palestinians drives unrest story has photos
    Updated: Oct-06-15 6:26 pm

    SURDA, West Bank - A new generation of angry, disillusioned Palestinians is driving the current wave of clashes with Israeli forces: Too young to remember the hardships of life during Israel's clampdown on the last major uprising, they have lost faith in statehood through negotiations, distrust their political leaders and believe Israel only understands force.

  • Art lovers stage mock anti-Renoir protest at Boston museum 
    Updated: Oct-06-15 4:29 pm

    BOSTON - Renoir didn't leave much of an impression on a group of art lovers in Boston.

  • Saudi blogger's wife protests at Saudi Embassy in Vienna 
    Updated: Oct-06-15 10:16 am

    VIENNA - The wife of imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi has joined a small group of protesters in front of the Saudi Embassy in Vienna to demand his release.

  • Pesticide critics plan protests at 11 McDonald's restaurants 
    Updated: Oct-06-15 5:02 am

    MINNEAPOLIS - Activists plan to gather at 11 McDonald's restaurants around Minnesota on Tuesday to protest the use of pesticides on potato fields in Minnesota owned by a major supplier to the fast-food chain.

  • Reparative therapy criticized by Southern Baptist theologian 
    Updated: Oct-05-15 6:11 pm

    LOUISVILLE, Kentucky - A prominent Southern Baptist theologian on Monday spoke out against psychological counseling aimed at turning gay people straight, saying homosexuality cannot be turned off like a switch. Instead, he said, the "sin" of being attracted to a person of the same sex can be changed by turning to the Bible's teachings.

  • Conservationists rally in South Africa, other countries story has photos
    Updated: Oct-03-15 9:24 am

    JOHANNESBURG - A vehicle carrying a rhino sculpture led anti-poaching marchers in Johannesburg on Saturday. Kenya's environment minister joined conservationists at a similar rally in Nairobi, the capital. In London, activists in elephant costumes demanded an end to the ivory trade.

  • Miners near Lincoln file countersuit against Forest Service 
    Updated: Oct-02-15 5:44 pm

    HELENA, Montana - Two Montana miners filed a countersuit seeking a jury trial to determine their rights to claims near Lincoln after the U.S. government sued them for failing to comply with federal regulations.

  • St. Louis County police urged to strengthen protest planning story has photos
    Updated: Oct-02-15 1:06 pm

    ST. LOUIS - St. Louis County police must strengthen policies for handling protests, improve training on diversity and community policing, and do a better job of hiring and promoting minorities and women, according to a report released Friday by the Department of Justice.

  • Co-founder of Germany's PEGIDA charged with incitement 
    Updated: Oct-02-15 9:28 am

    BERLIN - German prosecutors say they've filed incitement charges against the co-founder of PEGIDA for his Facebook posts calling refugees and other asylum-seekers "cattle" and "trash."

  • Democrats form group to protest primary debate schedule 
    Updated: Oct-02-15 3:35 am

    CONCORD, New Hampshire - Some New Hampshire Democrats are protesting the Democratic National Committee's decision to hold just one debate in New Hampshire before the Feb. 9 presidential primary.

  • McCrory visits Raleigh rally defending hog farming industry 
    Updated: Oct-01-15 6:43 pm

    RALEIGH, North Carolina - North Carolina's hog industry has been getting organized this year to combat what it considers misleading information about its farming operations and to oppose litigation challenging its environmental practices, and it took that fight to the state Capitol on Thursday.

  • Amid unexplained killings, Burundi descending into anarchy 
    Updated: Oct-01-15 12:12 pm

    BUJUMBURA, Burundi - Bodies keep turning up in Burundi, dumped at roadsides and in streams. Mass arrests are being carried out.