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Stories with subject: Religious strife
  • Spain: Pakistani arrested for spreading extremist propaganda 
    Updated: May-31-16 6:18 am

    MADRID - Spain's Interior Ministry says police have arrested a Pakistani man suspected of spreading Islamic extremist propaganda via social media networks.

  • Police: Baltimore pastor gunned down outside her home 
    Updated: May-28-16 3:52 pm

    BALTIMORE - Police say a 41-year-old associate pastor at a Baltimore church was fatally shot as she got into her car outside her home.

  • Under high security, Jewish pilgrims gather on Tun story has photos
    Updated: May-26-16 6:19 pm

    DJERBA, Tunisia - Under unprecedented security, the Tunisian island of Djerba hosted an annual Jewish pilgrimage amid raised fears of religious violence after deadly Islamic extremist attacks last year scared away visitors.

  • Idaho man faces battery charge in pastor's shooting 
    Updated: May-26-16 3:32 pm

    COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - An Idaho man accused of shooting a pastor will face an aggravated battery charge instead of attempted murder.

  • Egypt: Muslim mob attacks Christians, parade naked woman story has photos
    Updated: May-26-16 2:21 pm

    CAIRO - An armed Muslim mob stripped an elderly Christian woman and paraded her naked on the streets in an attack last week in which seven Christian homes were also looted and torched in a province south of the Egyptian capital.

  • Israel's new defense minister could clash with his soldiers story has photos
    Updated: May-25-16 7:30 am

    JERUSALEM - Israel's incoming defense minister once called for bombing Egypt, suggested just weeks ago that Israel kill Hamas' leader in the Gaza Strip and opposed the prosecution of a soldier accused of killing a wounded Palestinian. These are just a few of the positions that could put former bar bouncer Avigdor Lieberman at odds with a military he is now to command.

  • EU police: religious extremism still top security threat 
    Updated: May-23-16 11:48 am

    BRUSSELS - A top European Union police official says that despite extensive government action, violent religious-driven extremism remains the "top threat to the security" of the 28-nation bloc and its half billion citizens.

  • After migrants, German nationalist party takes aim at Islam story has photos
    Updated: May-23-16 11:46 am

    ERFURT, Germany - Weeks after declaring that there is no place for Islam in Germany, a surging nationalist party has sharpened its rhetoric against prominent Islamic groups and suggested limiting the religious freedom of the more than 4 million Muslims in the country.

  • Police: Doctor hacked to death, friend wounded in Bangladesh 
    Updated: May-21-16 2:53 am

    DHAKA, Bangladesh - A doctor was hacked to death and his friend critically wounded by men wielding machetes in western Bangladesh, police said, in the latest attack on the country's atheist bloggers, minorities and others who promote liberal views.

  • Bosnia's Muslims reopen mosque Serbs blew up during the war 
    Updated: May-07-16 12:02 pm

    BANJA LUKA, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Over 10,000 people turned out Saturday for the re-opening of a mosque in Bosnia that was blown up by Christian Orthodox Serbs during the 1992-1995 war and that became a symbol of the effort to destroy Bosnia's centuries-long multireligious fabric.

  • Next hearing on slayings of young Muslims slated for June 
    Updated: May-06-16 11:40 am

    DURHAM, North Carolina - The next pretrial hearing will occur in June in the case of a man accused of killing a Muslim couple and one of their relatives in North Carolina.

  • Court rejects appeal by Ohio Amish in beard-cutting attacks 
    Updated: May-04-16 3:18 pm

    CINCINNATI - A federal court in Ohio has rejected a bid to overturn new sentences and remaining charges against members of a breakaway Amish group accused in hair- and beard-cutting attacks.

  • Report: Violence against Jews dropped in 2015 
    Updated: May-04-16 12:14 pm

    JERUSALEM - A Tel Aviv University report has found a drop in violent attacks against Jews last year, but said the number remains high and that "institutional anti-Semitism" is on the rise.

  • Bangladesh blogger seeks US help as threats escalate story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-03-16 5:25 pm

    WASHINGTON - When Bangladeshi blogger and social activist Ashif Entaz Rabi hosted a TV talk show about a slaying of a publisher by Islamic extremists, he faced a torrent of threatening phone calls. He says young men with earpieces started loitering outside his workplace, and a militant website urged followers to "send this Ashif to Allah."

  • German Jews divided over fears of 1 million Muslim newcomers story has photos
    Updated: May-03-16 7:31 am

    BERLIN - When the leader of Germany's Jews spoke out against the flow of Muslim migrants to Europe, a rabbinical student denounced his views as racist - and ignited a debate over whether Jews are right to fear unprecedented levels of immigration from Muslim lands traditionally hostile to Israel.

  • Rafael Cruz to preach in N. Idaho following pastor shooting 
    Updated: May-01-16 10:11 am

    COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - The father of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is headed to northern Idaho to give a sermon at the same church a pastor was shot and seriously wounded earlier this year.

  • 3 detained in Bangladesh after stabbing death of Hindu man 
    Updated: May-01-16 8:47 am

    NEW DELHI - Police in Bangladesh detained three men Sunday, including the head of an Islamic school, in connection with the stabbing death of a Hindu tailor in an attack claimed by the Islamic State group.