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Stories with place: Moscow
  • Lightning kills a man in Moscow 
    Updated: Jul-27-15 4:55 am

    MOSCOW - Russian investigators say lightning has killed a construction worker in Moscow.

  • Kovalev retains light heavyweight titles story has photos
    Updated: Jul-26-15 12:06 am

    LAS VEGAS - Sergey Kovalev had little trouble taking care of business against an outmatched Nadjib Mohammedi.

  • Long trips across Russia await fans at 2018 World Cup 
    Updated: Jul-24-15 2:48 pm

    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - Russia insists fans will not face problems following their teams around Russia for the 2018 World Cup, even as FIFA's schedule gave some competitors lengthy travel distances in the group stage.

  • Leader of Russian neo-Nazi group sentenced to life 
    Updated: Jul-24-15 10:59 am

    MOSCOW - Moscow's highest court sentenced a leader of a militant neo-Nazi group to life in prison Friday after he was convicted of ordering five brutal killings, including that of a prominent human rights lawyer.

  • Long trips across Russia await fans at 2018 World Cup 
    Updated: Jul-24-15 8:21 am

    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - Russia insists fans will not face problems following their teams around Russia for the 2018 World Cup, even as FIFA's schedule gave some competitors lengthy travel distances in the group stage.

  • Analysis: Like Iran, pacts with USSR ignored foe's behavior 
    Updated: Jul-24-15 3:26 am

    WASHINGTON - Critics of the Iran nuclear deal claim it is flawed, among many reasons, because it does not demand that Tehran also change its behavior at home and abroad. That complaint ignores the United States' long history of striking arms control agreements with the Soviet Union, a far more dangerous enemy.

  • Fox planning World Cup studio in Moscow's Red Square 
    Updated: Jul-23-15 5:54 pm

    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - David Neal looks ahead to the World Cup in less than three years and envisions Fox broadcasting from its own studio in the middle of Moscow's Red Square.

  • American NGO MacArthur Foundation says it's leaving Russia 
    Updated: Jul-22-15 5:43 am

    MOSCOW - The MacArthur Foundation, a prominent American non-governmental organization that has operated in Russia for more than two decades, announced Wednesday it was leaving Russia because of the government's crackdown on foreign groups.

  • Crimean filmmaker pleads not guilty in terrorism trial 
    Updated: Jul-21-15 8:01 am

    MOSCOW - A Ukrainian filmmaker who has been in jail for more than a year on Tuesday pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit terrorism.

  • Russian ex-PM's daughter under fire for leaving for Ukraine 
    Updated: Jul-20-15 8:16 am

    MOSCOW - The daughter of a former Russian prime minister has accepted the job of deputy governor in a Ukrainian region, a decision that has sparked criticism in both Russia and Ukraine.

  • Frimpong sent off in Russia after apparent racist abuse 
    Updated: Jul-17-15 4:26 pm

    MOSCOW - Former Arsenal player Emmanuel Frimpong faces a multi-game ban after he was sent off in Russia for his response to alleged racist abuse.

  • Dutch, Ukrainians, Australians mark year since MH17 downing story has photos
    Updated: Jul-17-15 11:43 am

    NIEUWEGEIN, Netherlands - Her voice cracking with emotion, Asmaa Aljuned delivered a parting message Friday that her late husband never got to tell passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 a year ago.

  • Little certainty 1 year after airliner shot down in Ukraine 
    Updated: Jul-16-15 12:22 pm

    MOSCOW - A year since a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was blown out of the sky over war-ravaged eastern Ukraine - killing 298 people - there has been little official word of progress in determining what brought down Flight MH17. One of the probes under way reportedly points toward a ground-to-air missile fired from a village held by Russia-backed separatist rebels, but the report isn't to be public for months. Another investigation trudges forward with painful slowness, and contradictory theories emerge from Moscow.

  • A year on, Ukrainian villagers recall horrors of MH17 crash story has photos
    Updated: Jul-16-15 9:58 am

    HRABOVE, Ukraine - The field outside Hrabove, littered a year ago with bodies and smelling of burnt flesh and plastic, now smells of wild flowers.

  • Russian bloggers gauging attitudes toward gays find violence story has photos
    Updated: Jul-16-15 7:38 am

    MOSCOW - Two Russian bloggers say they faced threats and violence when they walked through Moscow streets holding hands to gauge attitudes toward gays.

  • General: US considers expanding Ukraine training to army 
    Updated: Jul-13-15 5:08 pm

    WASHINGTON - The U.S. is considering a plan to expand its military training of Ukrainian forces to include army soldiers, the commander of the U.S. Army in Europe said on Monday, describing a potential move that risks heightening tensions with Russia.

  • 23 dead, 19 injured in military barracks collapse in Russia 
    Updated: Jul-13-15 4:35 am

    MOSCOW - The ceiling of a Russian military barracks collapsed in Siberia Monday, causing four stories to crumble and killing 23 young men trapped inside.

  • Ukraine's self-defense units look for the enemy within 
    Updated: Jul-11-15 4:49 am

    ODESSA, Ukraine - Striding through headquarters, Todor Panevsky gleefully announced that comrades in his self-defense unit had detained a pro-Russian separatist sympathizer in this picturesque port city.

  • Russia keen to balance costs with quality at 2018 World Cup 
    Updated: Jul-10-15 2:24 pm

    MOSCOW - In a country battered by economic problems and Western sanctions, Russian officials aren't boasting of their World Cup's size and extravagance. With cost-cutting in vogue, they prefer to brag about cheap stadiums.

  • Russian police issue instructions for safe selfies 
    Updated: Jul-07-15 1:27 pm

    MOSCOW - Alarmed by the number of Russians who have been killed while taking photos of themselves with smartphones, Russian police have started a new campaign called "Safe Selfies."

  • Correction: Russia-Ukraine-Gas story story has photos
    Updated: Jul-06-15 2:54 pm

    MOSCOW - In a story July 1 about Gazprom halting gas supplies to Ukraine, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Russia offered Ukraine a price of $247 per cubic meter. The price offered was per thousand cubic meters.

  • Russia mulls new selective sanctions against Western nations story has photos
    Updated: Jul-03-15 3:53 pm

    MOSCOW - Russia will consider new selective retaliatory measures against some specific Western countries, the nation's security chief said Friday, pointing at Finland as a possible target.

  • Analysis: Root of tattered US-Russia ties date back decades 
    Updated: Jul-03-15 3:09 am

    WASHINGTON - The stumbles, blunders, and policy chaos that have sent increasingly frosty U.S.-Russia relations into what many now call a new Cold War might have been inevitable.

  • UEFA confirms Rubin Kazan to get Europa League place 
    Updated: Jul-02-15 10:09 am

    MOSCOW - UEFA has confirmed that Rubin Kazan will replace fellow Russian club Dynamo Moscow in the Europa League after the latter broke financial fair play rules.

  • Russian prosecutors scoff at Baltics independence probe 
    Updated: Jul-01-15 3:38 pm

    MOSCOW - A request by Russian lawmakers to check the legality of Soviet recognition of the independence of three ex-Soviet Baltic republics makes no sense, the Prosecutor General's office said Wednesday.