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Stories with place: Zimbabwe
  • Concern over lion hunting rises in South Africa 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 9:34 am

    JOHANNESBURG - Debate is intensifying in South Africa over the practice of hunting captive-bred lions.

  • Hunters in Africa say they have a role in conservation story has photos
    Updated: Aug-03-15 5:31 pm

    JOHANNESBURG - In 1909-10, Theodore Roosevelt headed a Smithsonian hunting and trapping expedition in Africa that included colleagues who prepared the wildlife he killed for shipment back to America. The former U.S. president and his son, Kermit, shot hundreds of animals.

  • Zimbabwean operator says American hunter didn't break law 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 1:23 pm

    HARARE, Zimbabwe - An American accused of killing a lion in an allegedly illegal hunt in Zimbabwe in April did not break any laws and acted in good faith, a safari operator who worked for the American said Monday.

  • Zimbabwe accuses 2nd American of illegally hunting lion story has photos
    Updated: Aug-03-15 2:13 am

    HARARE, Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe has accused a Pennsylvania doctor of illegally killing a lion in April, as it seeks to extradite a Minnesota dentist who killed a well-known lion named Cecil in July.

  • Zimbabwe confirms lion named Jericho has not been shot 
    Updated: Aug-02-15 5:55 am

    HARARE, Zimbabwe - Wildlife authorities in Zimbabwe on Sunday dismissed a report of the shooting death of a male lion who was a companion of Cecil, a well-known lion killed by an American hunter in early July.

  • Q&A on possible extradition for dentist who killed lion story has photos
    Updated: Aug-01-15 5:34 pm

    MINNEAPOLIS - Zimbabwe has called for an American dentist who killed a lion that was lured out of a national park and caused international outrage to be extradited and face as-yet filed charges. But it isn't clear whether Walter James Palmer, a 55-year-old from Minnesota, can be extradited or, if so, can fight having to go back to the African nation. Palmer has said he relied on his guides to ensure the hunt was legal.

  • Man who studied Cecil the lion for 9 years talks impact story has photos
    Updated: Aug-01-15 4:49 pm

    JOHANNESBURG - When Cecil the lion's carcass was finally found after he was lured out of a Zimbabwe wildlife reserve to be killed by an American hunter, it was a headless, skinless skeleton the vultures had been picking at for about a week.

  • Zimbabwean authorities restrict hunting after lion killing story has photos
    Updated: Aug-01-15 4:49 pm

    HARARE, Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe has suspended the hunting of lions, leopards and elephants in an area where a lion popular with tourists was killed, and is investigating the killing of another lion in April that may have been illegal, the country's wildlife authority said Saturday.

  • Ted Nugent expresses support for man who killed lion 
    Updated: Jul-31-15 9:31 pm

    NEW YORK - Rocker Ted Nugent says he supports an American dentist who killed a protected lion in Zimbabwe.

  • Feds contacted by representative for dentist who killed lion 
    Updated: Jul-31-15 4:47 pm

    MINNEAPOLIS - Federal authorities say they've now been contacted by a representative for the Minnesota dentist who killed a protected lion in Zimbabwe.

  • US philanthropist to offer backing for Oxford lion project 
    Updated: Jul-31-15 11:56 am

    LONDON - A pair of U.S. philanthropists with a passion for wild cats pledged Friday to match new donations to Oxford University's Wildlife Conservation Unit - the researchers who were tracking the movements of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe.

  • Details about the lion hunt that caused outrage across globe story has photos
    Updated: Jul-30-15 6:38 pm

    MINNEAPOLIS - The U.S Fish & Wildlife Service said Thursday it's trying to reach the Minnesota dentist who killed a protected lion while on a guided hunt in Zimbabwe. The agency asked Walter Palmer to "contact us immediately."

  • The Latest: US agents trying to reach man who killed lion 
    Updated: Jul-30-15 4:50 pm

    MINNEAPOLIS - The latest on the controversy surrounding a Minnesota big-game hunter and his guides in Zimbabwe who killed a protected lion (all times are Central):

  • Zimbabwean baffled by foreign concern for killed lion story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jul-30-15 1:59 pm

    HARARE, Zimbabwe - While the death of a protected lion in Zimbabwe has caused outrage in the United States - much of it centered on the Minnesota dentist who killed the animal - most in Zimbabwe expressed a degree of bafflement over the concern.

  • Correction: Zimbabwe-Lion Killed-3 Things story story has photos
    Updated: Jul-30-15 11:23 am

    WASHINGTON - In a story July 29 about U.S. regulations and big game hunting, The Associated Press erroneously referred to The Human Society of the United States. It is The Humane Society of the United States.

  • Correction: FIFA-Zimbabwe Fined story 
    Updated: Jul-30-15 11:09 am

    ZURICH - In a story July 29 about FIFA fining Zimbabwe's football association for failing to show up for a women's Olympic qualifier, The Associated Press erroneously reported that Zimbabwe had later withdrawn from the qualifying competition. Zimbabwe only withdrew from the first leg.

  • Western NY pizzeria features mounted lion killed in Zimbabwe 
    Updated: Jul-30-15 8:08 am

    CANANDAIGUA, New York - As a Minnesota dentist faces global condemnation for killing a protected lion in Zimbabwe, a western New York pizzeria owner says the lion he bagged in the same African nation helps boost his business.

  • For some, hunting lions in Africa is the ultimate experience 
    Updated: Jul-30-15 8:04 am

    JOHANNESBURG - It is, for some well-heeled foreign visitors, the ultimate African experience: the thrill of hunting a lion, one of the so-called "Big Five" animals whose habitats are under increasing pressure from human encroachment. Now an American dentist's killing of a celebrity lion in Zimbabwe has triggered global revulsion, highlighting what critics say is an industry of trophy hunting that threatens vulnerable species across sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Zimbabwe: American being sought for lion poaching 
    Updated: Jul-28-15 3:18 pm

    HARARE, Zimbabwe - Zimbabwean police said Tuesday they are searching for an American who allegedly shot a well-known, protected lion known as Cecil with a crossbow in a killing that has outraged conservationists and others.

  • Top Zimbabwean author Chenjerai Hove dies in exile in Norway 
    Updated: Jul-13-15 11:25 am

    HARARE, Zimbabwe - One of Zimbabwe's leading writers, Chenjerai Hove, died in exile in Norway, a Zimbabwe writers' group confirmed Monday.

  • Hundreds attend prayer rally for missing Zimbabwean activist 
    Updated: Jul-11-15 1:14 pm

    HARARE, Zimbabwe - Church leaders and opposition politicians on Saturday accused the Zimbabwean government of foot-dragging in the search for an activist who has been missing for four months.

  • Zimbabwean police drive out vendors in cleanup operation 
    Updated: Jul-08-15 12:25 pm

    HARARE, Zimbabwe - Minor scuffles broke out as Zimbabwean police made good on a pledge to drive vendors from the capital's crowded sidewalks.

  • Zimbabwean government exports elephants despite protest 
    Updated: Jul-06-15 10:32 am

    HARARE, Zimbabwe - Twenty elephants exported to China would be "better off" in Chinese zoos rather than struggling wildlife parks in Zimbabwe, the southern African nation's minister in charge of wildlife said on Monday, dismissing protests from animal rights groups.

  • Olympic hopeful from Zimbabwe has found home in Augusta 
    Updated: Jul-05-15 9:23 am

    AUGUSTA, Georgia - Since arriving two years ago in Augusta, Pardon Ndhlovu has enjoyed training at a popular location.