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Stories with place: Thailand
  • Things to know about Obama's summit with SE Asian leaders 
    Updated: Feb-13-16 3:07 am

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama hosts Southeast Asian leaders at an unprecedented summit in California starting Monday as he looks to deepen ties with the region's fast-growing economies. But a nation not invited - neighboring power China - will be the proverbial elephant in the room as the leaders grapple with sensitive territorial disputes.

  • Obama to push trade agenda at summit with Southeast Asia 
    Updated: Feb-13-16 1:06 am

    MANILA, Philippines - A summit next week between Southeast Asian leaders and President Barack Obama is unlikely to deliver any big economic prizes, but will allow the American side to press the advantages of joining a Pacific trade pact that doesn't include China.

  • Thai police say slain Spaniard's DNA found in suspect's home 
    Updated: Feb-12-16 6:21 am

    BANGKOK - Police in Thailand said Friday they have found bloodstains and DNA from a Spanish victim in the apartment of the Spanish man who was arrested on suspicion of killing and dismembering him.

  • Congress bans import of forced labor products 
    Updated: Feb-12-16 3:19 am

    A bill headed for President Barack Obama this week includes a provision that would ban U.S. imports of fish caught by slaves in Southeast Asia, gold mined by children in Africa and garments sewn by abused women in Bangladesh, closing a loophole in an 85-year-old tariff law that has failed to keep products of forced and child labor out of America.

  • Worawi hopes depend on appeal against FAT elections 
    Updated: Feb-11-16 11:47 pm

    BANGKOK - Worawi Makudi's attempts to cling onto power in Thai football depend on an appeal against this week's Football Association of Thailand elections which voted in a new president.

  • Thai deputy PM sets July 31 vote on charter, 2017 election 
    Updated: Feb-11-16 10:26 am

    BANGKOK - A referendum on a new Thai constitution will be held July 31 and will be followed by a general election before the end of next year, whether or not the new charter is approved, the deputy prime minister of the military government said Thursday.

  • Report charges Thai government ignores torture allegations 
    Updated: Feb-10-16 10:59 am

    BANGKOK - A group of human rights organizations in southern Thailand said in a report Wednesday that complaints of torture by security forces have not been addressed by authorities.

  • Ian Mader named AP's news editor in Florida 
    Updated: Feb-08-16 10:45 am

    MIAMI - Ian Mader, a veteran foreign correspondent with a reputation for breaking news and challenging reporters, has been named The Associated Press Florida news editor based in Miami.

  • Murder suspect of dismembered Spaniard arrested in Cambodia 
    Updated: Feb-07-16 11:50 pm

    PNHOM PENH, Cambodia - A Spanish man who is the prime suspect in the gruesome murder of a fellow Spaniard was arrested in Cambodia, where he is believed to have fled after the victim's dismembered body was recovered piece by piece from Bangkok's Chao Phraya River, police said Monday.

  • Thai police find pipe bomb rocket in southern insurgent zone 
    Updated: Feb-05-16 10:47 am

    HAT YAI, Thailand - Police in southern Thailand, where Muslim separatists are staging an insurgency, said they found and disarmed a small improvised explosive rocket on Friday similar to ones discovered for the first time last month.

  • Western retirees at Thai resort busted for playing bridge 
    Updated: Feb-04-16 6:41 am

    BANGKOK - Add aging Western bridge players to the list of desperadoes in Thailand's seaside resort of Pattaya, a sin city rife with prostitution, corruption and foreign and home-grown gangsters.

  • Expert: Parents often won't take surrogate kids with defects 
    Updated: Feb-03-16 11:36 pm

    CANBERRA, Australia - A newborn Down syndrome baby left by his Australian biological father with his poor surrogate mother in Thailand was one of several cases of surrogate children abandoned because of defects, an expert told a parliamentary inquiry on Thursday.

  • Thai border market vendors torpedo crackdown on counterfeits 
    Updated: Feb-03-16 9:57 am

    BANGKOK - Thai police were licking their wounds Wednesday after an enraged mob of vendors chased them away when they tried to seize fake goods at a famous border market.

  • Russian tourist loses leg to speedboat in southern Thailand 
    Updated: Feb-03-16 9:06 am

    BANGKOK - Two Russian tourists were badly injured Wednesday at a Thailand beach resort when a speedboat's propeller severed one man's leg and cut deep gashes in the other man's leg, police said.

  • APNewsbreak: Missing reporter tells wife he's back in China story has photos
    Updated: Feb-03-16 8:52 am

    BEIJING - The wife of a Chinese journalist who disappeared while seeking asylum abroad said she was able to speak to him by phone Wednesday and he told her he had voluntarily returned to China for investigation, but she believes he was forced back and spoke against his own will.

  • Thai elephant gores Scottish tourist to death on trek 
    Updated: Feb-02-16 7:20 am

    BANGKOK - A Scottish tourist has been gored to death by an elephant that he and his 16-year-old stepdaughter were riding on the resort island of Samui, Thai authorities said Tuesday.

  • Thai authorities say fishing industry crackdown intensified 
    Updated: Feb-01-16 2:33 pm

    BANGKOK - Thailand, which faces possible trade sanctions over abuses in its seafood industry, says it has accelerated its fight against human trafficking and unregulated fishing.

  • Massage parlor tycoon-turned-crusading politician sentenced 
    Updated: Jan-28-16 8:33 am

    BANGKOK - A massage parlor tycoon-turned-politician and outspoken critic of corruption was sentenced Thursday to two years in prison for employing gangster tactics in 2003 to clear a prime piece of real estate he owned in Thailand's capital.

  • Asians haul out sweaters to cope with sudden cold snap story has photos
    Updated: Jan-26-16 10:58 am

    BANGKOK - After sweating through unseasonably high temperatures last week, residents of semi-tropical Thailand have had to scavenge through their closets for sweaters and scarves to keep the chill off their bones.

  • Malaysia says metal on Thai beach not from Flight 370 story has photos
    Updated: Jan-26-16 2:18 am

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Malaysia confirmed Tuesday that the piece of metal found washed up on a Thai beach last week was not from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that went missing almost two years ago in one of aviation history's most enduring mysteries.

  • Thailand reports 2nd MERS case in a man from Oman 
    Updated: Jan-24-16 1:21 am

    BANGKOK - Thailand has reported its second confirmed case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, detected in a 71-year-old man from Oman who arrived in Bangkok on Friday.

  • Chinese journalist who defected is missing from Thailand 
    Updated: Jan-22-16 11:33 am

    BEIJING - A Chinese journalist who said he was fed up with a life as a government informant and fled China last year has been missing from Thailand since Jan. 11, his wife said Friday, raising concerns he might have been abducted by Chinese agents.

  • Ruling communists in Laos promote VP as country's new leader 
    Updated: Jan-22-16 9:32 am

    BANGKOK - The ruling communist party of Laos elected a new leader Friday, putting Bounnhang Vorachit in charge of the single-party country as it takes its turn as the chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

  • EU experts meet top Thai official to discuss fishing fix story has photos
    Updated: Jan-22-16 8:19 am

    BANGKOK - European Union inspectors met Friday with Thailand's government to discuss what the Southeast Asian nation has done to overhaul its fishing industry and avoid an EU ban on imports of Thai seafood.

  • Thai authorities arrest students opposed to military rule 
    Updated: Jan-21-16 6:20 am

    BANGKOK - Authorities in Thailand have arrested members of a student group opposed to military rule, including one snatched off the street at night and bundled into a vehicle, in the latest jousting between the government and its most active opponents.