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Stories with place: Bangladesh
  • California brothers arrested in parents' shooting deaths story has photos
    Updated: Apr-28-16 5:24 pm

    SAN JOSE, California - Two California brothers were arrested Thursday in connection with the shooting deaths of their parents, who were popular fixtures at their mosque for three decades and had helped relatives emigrate from their native Bangladesh.

  • New killings in Bangladesh leave LGBT community full of fear story has photos
    Updated: Apr-28-16 11:36 am

    NEW DELHI - The killing of two gay rights activists in the Bangladeshi capital has driven the country's already secretive and small gay community underground, wondering if they can trust a government that considers their status to be criminal, rights groups said.

  • Protest in Myanmar targets US Embassy use of term 'Rohingya' 
    Updated: Apr-28-16 10:32 am

    YANGON, Myanmar - Buddhist monks joined several hundred protesters outside the U.S. Embassy in Myanmar on Thursday to demand it stop using the term "Rohingya" to refer to a Muslim ethnic minority group.

  • Slain husband and wife lauded for their kindness 
    Updated: Apr-27-16 1:25 pm

    SAN JOSE, California - A husband and wife who emigrated from Bangladesh 30 years ago and were found slain in their California home last weekend are being remembered for their kindness.

  • Bangladesh jails 2 Hindu teachers for insulting Islam 
    Updated: Apr-27-16 2:34 am

    DHAKA, Bangladesh - A court has jailed two teachers in southern Bangladesh for making derogatory comments about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, invoking a rare law from the British colonial era that makes insulting any religion a crime.

  • Al-Qaida says it killed Bangladesh gay activist, friend story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Apr-26-16 3:06 pm

    NEW DELHI - The Bangladeshi branch of al-Qaida claimed responsibility Tuesday for the killing of a gay rights activist and his friend, undermining the prime minister's insistence just hours earlier that her political opponents were to blame for the attack and for a rising tide of violence against secular activists and writers.

  • 2 men including USAID employee killed in Bangladesh story has photos
    Updated: Apr-25-16 7:15 pm

    NEW DELHI - Unidentified assailants fatally stabbed two men in Bangladesh's capital Monday night, including a gay rights activist who also worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development, police said, in the latest in a series of attacks targeting atheists, moderates and foreigners.

  • University professor hacked to death in Bangladesh 
    Updated: Apr-23-16 11:57 am

    NEW DELHI - A university professor on his way to work in northwestern Bangladesh was hacked to death Saturday in an attack similar to other killings by suspected Muslim militants, police said.

  • Bangladesh says 20 foreigners involved in theft from NY Fed 
    Updated: Apr-18-16 9:59 am

    DHAKA, Bangladesh - Bangladesh investigators have determined that at least 20 foreigners were involved in the cybertheft of $101 million from the Bangladesh central bank's account in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a senior investigator said Monday.

  • Journalist close to opposition detained in Bangladesh 
    Updated: Apr-17-16 5:44 am

    DHAKA, Bangladesh - Police in Bangladesh questioned a prominent journalist and close aide of opposition leader and ex-Prime Minister Khaleda Zia over the weekend for his alleged role in a conspiracy to kidnap the only son of the current prime minister.

  • Tiger countries agree to preserve big-cat habitats story has photos
    Updated: Apr-15-16 9:46 pm

    NEW DELHI - Countries with wild tiger populations have agreed to do more to protect tiger habitats that are shrinking drastically because of deforestation and urban sprawl, conservationists said Friday.

  • Strong quake hits Myanmar, but no deaths reported story has photos
    Updated: Apr-13-16 10:25 pm

    YANGON, Myanmar - A strong earthquake struck Myanmar on Wednesday night and was felt in parts of eastern India and Bangladesh, but an official said Thursday that there were no immediate reports of serious injuries or major damage in Myanmar.

  • Bangladesh closing notorious 18th-century prison in Dhaka 
    Updated: Apr-11-16 5:24 am

    DHAKA, Bangladesh - Bangladesh is closing its notorious 18th-century prison where sensational political killings over decades have targeted people on both sides of the South Asian country's 1971 war for independence from Pakistan.

  • Bangladesh al-Qaida claims responsibility for student death story has photos
    Updated: Apr-09-16 4:46 am

    NEW DELHI - A banned Islamist group in Bangladesh tied to the al-Qaida in the Indian Subcontinent has claimed responsibility for the killing of a student opponent of radical Islam.

  • After Bangladesh slaying, US considers refuge for bloggers 
    Updated: Apr-08-16 2:26 am

    WASHINGTON - The United States condemned as "barbaric" Thursday the latest killing in Bangladesh of an outspoken opponent of radical Islam and said it is considering granting refuge to a select number of bloggers who face imminent danger.

  • Recent attacks claimed by radical Islamists in Bangladesh 
    Updated: Apr-08-16 1:08 am

    NEW DELHI - The hacking and shooting to death of a student activist in Bangladesh has renewed international concern that advocates of secularism and free speech are unsafe in the mostly Muslim nation.

  • Bangladesh man found in Pakistan jail dies 4 years later 
    Updated: Apr-07-16 8:23 am

    DHAKA, Bangladesh - A man who returned to Bangladesh four years ago from a Pakistani prison, where he spent 15 years on suspicion of being an Indian spy, died Thursday, his family said. He was 56.

  • Bangladesh failing to spare millions from arsenic poisoning story has photos
    Updated: Apr-06-16 11:19 am

    KHIRDASDI, Bangladesh - For more than two decades, Nasima Begum and her family have been drawing water from a well painted red to warn Bangladeshi villagers that it's tainted by arsenic. They know they're slowly poisoning themselves.

  • Bangladesh opposition leader, ex-PM Zia gets bail in 5 cases 
    Updated: Apr-05-16 10:34 am

    DHAKA, Bangladesh - Former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia secured bail in a sedition case and four graft cases after she appeared in five separate courts in Bangladesh's capital.

  • Bangladesh police find grenades, pistols after blast kills 2 
    Updated: Apr-04-16 6:57 am

    DHAKA, Bangladesh - Police seized grenades, pistols and bullets from a house in a northern Bangladeshi village on Monday, a day after an explosion killed two suspected militants.

  • Chinese returns part of Bangladesh funds stolen by hackers story has photos
    Updated: Mar-31-16 11:35 am

    MANILA, Philippines - A Chinese casino junket operator on Thursday returned $4.63 million of the $81 million that hackers stole from the Bangladesh central bank's account in the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank and laundered in Manila's casinos, officials said.

  • Bangladesh court seeks arrest of ex-PM Zia in bus attack 
    Updated: Mar-30-16 11:25 am

    DHAKA, Bangladesh - A Bangladeshi court issued arrest warrants on Wednesday for former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia and 27 other opposition party leaders on accusations they instigated an arson attack on a passenger bus during an anti-government protest last year.