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Stories with place: Lebanon
  • Lebanese police use water cannons to disperse protesters 
    Updated: Oct-08-15 1:33 pm

    BEIRUT - Lebanese security forces used water cannons and eventually fired tear gas canisters to disperse dozens of anti-government protesters who tried to get past security barricades and reach parliament.

  • The Latest: US aircraft rerouted over Syria, avoids Russians story has photos
    Updated: Oct-07-15 1:08 pm

    BEIRUT - The latest developments after Syrian troops, emboldened by Russian airstrikes, launch a ground offensive against insurgents (all times local).

  • Syrian rebels face a new reality amid Russian air campaign 
    Updated: Oct-06-15 5:32 pm

    BEIRUT - The U.S.-backed rebel group Tajammu Alezzah has been fighting the Syrian military outside the city of Hama for months, but a new player has joined the fray: Russian warplanes, which have repeatedly hit their front-line positions, followed by airstrikes from government planes.

  • Syrian refugees increasingly return to war zones in homeland 
    Updated: Oct-05-15 9:25 am

    ZAATARI REFUGEE CAMP, Jordan - Growing numbers of Syrian refugees are returning to their war-ravaged homeland from Jordan because they can't survive in exile after drastic aid cuts, can't afford to pay smugglers to sneak them into Europe or are simply homesick.

  • High court to hear Iranian bank appeal over $1.75B judgment 
    Updated: Oct-01-15 12:23 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court said Thursday it will hear an appeal from Iran's central bank over a $1.75 billion judgment awarded to victims of terrorist attacks, including the 1983 bombing that killed 241 American soldiers in Lebanon.

  • UN-backed Hariri tribunal fines manager of Lebanese TV 
    Updated: Sep-28-15 11:56 am

    BEIRUT - A special U.N.-backed tribunal on the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri fined Monday the manager of a local TV station for not removing information about identities of confidential witnesses in the long-running probe.

  • Hezbollah leader welcomes Russia's growing role in Syria 
    Updated: Sep-25-15 3:29 pm

    BEIRUT - The leader of Lebanon's Shiite Hezbollah group has welcomed what he described as Russia's growing "combat presence" in Syria, saying it will have a significant impact on the war in the neighboring country.

  • Band moving with migrant wave shows different side to crisis 
    Updated: Sep-24-15 10:51 am

    ZAGREB, Croatia - The band members arrived like so many other Syrian refugees, climbing out of a dinghy on the shores of the Greek island of Lesbos.

  • German vice chancellor calls for more refugee aid in Mideast 
    Updated: Sep-21-15 2:38 pm

    AMMAN, Jordan - Germany's vice chancellor began a two-day visit to Jordan on Monday, after urging the international community to increase aid to desperate Syrian refugees in the kingdom and other regional host countries to slow their migration to Europe.

  • Hungary posts ads in Lebanon, Jordan media warning migrants story has photos
    Updated: Sep-21-15 12:55 pm

    BEIRUT - The Hungarian government posted ads in Lebanese and Jordanian papers on Monday, warning migrants not to enter Hungary illegally, saying it is a crime punishable by imprisonment.

  • UN-backed tribunal acquits Lebanon TV, convicts manager 
    Updated: Sep-18-15 9:15 am

    BEIRUT - A special U.N.-backed tribunal on the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri on Friday acquitted a local TV network of obstructing justice. At the same time, the court convicted the station's deputy news director for not removing identities of confidential witnesses in the long-running probe.

  • Analysis: Russia gambles in Syria, ramping up involvement story has photos
    Updated: Sep-14-15 3:52 pm

    BEIRUT - In ramping up its military involvement in Syria's civil war, Russia appears to be betting that the West, horrified by the Islamic State group's spread and an escalating migrants crisis, may be willing to quietly tolerate President Bashar Assad for a while, perhaps as part of a transition.

  • British PM urges more aid to Syria refugees in Mideast story has photos
    Updated: Sep-14-15 3:10 pm

    AMMAN, Jordan - British Prime Minister David Cameron urged the international community on Monday to send more aid to Syrian refugees in Middle Eastern host countries as a way of stemming mass migration to Europe.

  • Syrian refugees' misery fuels desperation to reach Europe story has photos
    Updated: Sep-13-15 4:06 pm

    DEIR ZANOUN, Lebanon - Both women fled Syria after their normal lives were destroyed in the country's civil war. Both are desperate to start a new life and see Europe as their best hope. But their fortunes are a world apart.

  • More war, less cash, new routes drive migrant push to EU 
    Updated: Sep-12-15 8:23 am

    GENEVA - Migrants have for years taken death-defying trips across the Mediterranean to reach Europe, but the flow has hit record proportions this year - notably with an influx of Syrians, Afghans and Eritreans fleeing war, repression or poverty back home.

  • AP Interview: Refugee chief links aid crisis, Europe exodus story has photos
    Updated: Sep-10-15 1:27 pm

    AMMAN, Jordan - The influx of refugees to Europe was triggered in part by donors taking the "cheap option" and not giving enough aid to displaced Syrians in Middle Eastern asylum countries, the head of the U.N. refugee agency in Jordan said in an interview.